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  • I loved Entroducing, ****en awesome. I've a soft spot for Hilltops and Downsyde these days too.

    Keep it real.
    I've finally reached the point of being too old to add new music to my taste and are now referring to my back catalogue.

    My real hip hop love is as old as my red Cross Colours and Charlotte Hornets hat:

    Doggystyle, Temples of Boom, The Infamous, Illmatic, All Eyez On Me.

    Ghetto Pop Life was probably one of the first hip hop albums I got in a decade, got into a bit of Jedi Mind Tricks, J5 and Dilated Peoples. Don't mind a bit of Lupe Fiasco too actually.

    How bout yourself?
    Yeah man. Still in the humidity.

    Was down your way a few weeks ago.. You finished uni last year, didn't you? you planning to travel?
    Stronzo you filthy dog.

    me and ma boy wambat gonna storm this place.. get all up in your s**t.

    don't be scared, mkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?
    Kudos on the effort you've been putting in with us on that political thread in the Bay mate. Always good to see someone with a sane, intelligent and sensible viewpoint on those issues.

    And strong stamina of course - dealing with members of the steel-plate club always strains the patience. Liking your work with those comic riffs too :)
    Can't say I remember doing that Stronzo?
    Must have been on the piss mate.
    Dont mind about the report, but sorry for any disrespect I may have caused you.
    Have been trying to clean up my act on here lately after some choice words coming my way.
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