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  • Hi Winty, what thread do we go to in order to see the selected team for this week?
    Cheers, The rabbi
    Would be in the unofficial preview thread.
    Winty, is there a VFL game on today? The VFL web page says yes but I could not find a preview on BF and started a thread, but I may have missed the thread due to dementia or something. My apologies if there is a preview and I have overlooked it. Cheers, The Rabbi
    Unlikely, but in case any of the knuckle-draggers pick up on it and think that they can use it, the correct figures for Geelong's grand final record are:
    Geelong - Played 17, won 9, lost 8, win % 52.94%
    (1930 may have been missed)

    Finals meetings: Geelong 12 wins and Collingwood 11.(Most finals between any 2 clubs)

    However, the Bay is really not the place for facts and actual argument.

    Hey mate, not sure if you're aware but there's a Hawthorn newbie calling himself "Geelong_is_gay" and I'm pretty sure that's against the rules; I wasn't allowed to be called "Anti Hawk" so this knob shouldn't able to get away that crap.

    If you guys are already on it then please disregard this message.

    Cheers mate
    Sorry mate just merged threads on my phone but didn't pick the right thread title. Can you fix it? Cheers.
    On your way back soon mate? We are coming under attack lately.
    the bells and whistles take a bit of getting use to, but you seem to have already worked out most of it. Congrats on the tracksuit.
    This is my second. Once last night and now tonight :) both with 10 as I'm waiting for the victory pack to come out!! I bloody love the last quarter. Its sensational!
    Lmfao. Gold. Tommahawk about to dob one from fifty to get us within a point!!
    Yeah that'd be a good one mate, shame you can't make it, but Carn the mighty Catters all the same!
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