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  1. Elmer_Judd

    flggr Tommy 'T-Bone aka King Kong' De Koning tells Geelong, St Filled Her and the Swines to GAGF

    Post your bitter tears of rage and jealously here
  2. SuperMal

    Rumour MacKay to Sydney, if Himmelberg & De Koning miss the bus….

    According to the master intellect, the ‘RalphMouth’, Sydney looking at all three with ‘Buddy money’. From a Swans man..we don’t want either of the brothers, they’re weak in the head. DeKoning and the ‘Iceberg’ will do us!
  3. Selfield

    Selecting Fischer McAsey before Sam De Koning in the 2019 draft

    Will this blunder set the Crows back in their rebuild? The last time I can remember a club doing well after such a huge blunder is Hawthorn who did alright after selecting Mitch Thorp before Joel Selwood in 2006, but that was a rare exception plus the draft system was far different back then to...
  4. G

    Recommitted Tom De Koning [Signed until 2025]

    Tom Dekoning is OOC end of 2023, brother just resigned for a further 2 years tying him to the club for the next 3 seasons. Is there a sniff of a chance tom packs his bags and requests a trade down the highway to play with his brother? what do you estimate will be his trade value?
  5. Bunk Moreland

    Tom De Koning

    Am I the only one who found this a little… weird? I get he’s excited for his brother and wants to congratulate him, obviously. But… he’s also a professional footballer for an opposition club. Jumping on the ground and celebrating with the cup? It struck me as bizarre and perhaps a little...
  6. fpm84

    Toast Sam De Koning

    Time to give SDK his own thread before his Rising Star nomination this afternoon ;) Fantastic start to the season and you can literally see him grow in confidence each week. Already plays like a 50-gamer and seems destined for a very successful career. Also a bit of media love this morning...
  7. La Dispute

    Tom De Koning v Sam De Koning

    Keen to see how neutrals rate both brothers. I’ve been really impressed with Sam this season. Looks a natural intercepting defender, great skills for his height and has shown the ability to move the ball with some real precision. Was involved in a couple of big plays in the Cats front half last...
  8. kimodgers

    De Koning

    Forecast - who got the best De Koning? Tom looks good but Sam might monster the competition next year.
  9. winty

    List Mgmt. Sam De Koning re-signs.

    Young Geelong ruckman Sam De Koning has committed to the Cats for a further two years, agreeing to a contract extension until the end of 2023. De Koning was selected by the Cats with the 19th pick in the 2019 national draft. His opportunities were limited in his first season with the team in...
  10. dazbroncos

    Senior 16. Sam De Koning (2020 -)

    With Pick 19 in the 2019 AFL Draft Geelong Football Club welcomes Sam De Koning.... Look out Go Catters
  11. Aphrodite

    Senior 12. Tom De Koning

    Welcome to Carlton Tom De Koning