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  1. PowerBaz

    News Rioli slap cops a 2 week ban.

    This was also 2 weeks. Should this be in the VFL bias thread perhaps? (Also dusty elbow gut punch) free to play nothing to see here.
  2. Footy Is The Win

    Willy Rioli is a violent thug

    Poor Murphy now has a concussion. Who is he going to assault next? It could be you! When is enough enough? Life ban + Anger management classes? Jail time?
  3. CakeEater

    Scandal Racist Messages sent to Willie Rioli No place for it in the game but Collingwood does have a history in this space. Discuss.
  4. Aristotle Pickett

    Opinion Ranking the Rioli's (who have played AFL).

    The 6 Rioli's who have played AFL are; Maurice Rioli snr(1957–2010): Richmond (1982–1987) Maurice snr on left with boxer Graeme 'Porky' Brooke. Dean Rioli (born 1978): Essendon (1999–2006) Cyril Rioli (born 1989): Hawthorn (2008–2018) Daniel Rioli (born 1997): Richmond (2016–) Junior...
  5. Stan Judkins

    AFLW Scouting notes: NTFLW vs. Claremont (Maria Rioli) up in Darwin. In a hard-fought performance from both sides, a number of young guns stepped up at TIO Stadium. NTFLW ALL-STARS: #1 Maria Rioli The potential Richmond father-daughter talent stepped up against the higher quality opponent and did not look overawed playing inside 50 and...
  6. Stan Judkins

    AFLW 2022/23 NTFLW R3 Father-Daughter Focus: Maria Rioli (Tiwi Bombers) 2022/23 NTFLW R3 Father-Daughter Focus: Maria Rioli (Tiwi Bombers) RICHMOND father-daughter selection Maria Rioli is one of a few exciting club-aligned players heading into 2023, the...
  7. Rioli twitter.jpg

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    Rioli Peel.jpg

  9. Biggie

    List Mgmt. Rioli to Port Discussion

    Followed by
  10. JakeNeadeFan

    Player Watch Willie Rioli

    Dicks out for junior
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  13. Holden Hillbilly

    Willie Rioli Senior, Northern Territory football great, dies aged 50

    Willie Rioli Senior played in multiple premierships with St Mary's, won a Nichols Medal for the best player in the Northern Territory Football League, coached the Tiwi Island Bombers Football Club, coached the Imalu Tigers to a Tiwi Island Football League premiership, and was drafted by Hawthorn...
  14. The Nostradamus

    Recommitted Daniel Rioli [Signs until 2027]

    Out of contract after signing a 1 year deal last year Has cemented his spot in hbf and in very good form Has more bargaining power at the contract table this year
  15. Marcel Proust

    Traded Junior Rioli (West Coast) - [to Port Adelaide in multi-club trade]

    Any chance of willy leaving the wce mess? Will he be going cheap(ish) with his injury issues?!
  16. Madtiger2006

    M Rioli to explode against pies

    Dusty, Lambo, Cotch back. Look out :)
  17. chopflop

    News Cyril and Shannyn Rioli speak to Caro - link to club statement in page 8

    ‘The only club I wouldn’t put my hand up for right now’: Why Hawks legend Cyril Rioli has stayed away The last line is a real stinger.
  18. Rioli-and-Ryan-deepart-Trim.jpg