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  1. jenny61_99

    News Hamill and Borlaise picked up in Rookie Draft

    As expected.
  2. A Cut Above

    Aaron Hamill says Carlton needs to win back respect... any idea how guys? 🤔 Kudos to Aaron Hamill for admitting Carlton lacks the respect of.... pretty much everyone who doesn't support Carlton along with many who do. The key question is how do they win it back...
  3. therubbernub

    Welcome to Carlton Aaron Hamill

    Welcome back to one of the most courageous players top play for Carlton. Lets hope his courage and aggression gets passed on
  4. Scorpus

    Preview Changes: R10 vs Melbourne - Crows drop Hamill but keep Mackay

    How about more than one KPD? What do you think?
  5. Scorpus

    Toast McHenry, Hamill and Sholl re-sign

    All three have been given two-year extensions, so they are contracted to the end of 2022
  6. Deaneus!

    Player Watch Will Hamill

  7. Persevering Saint

    Is Aaron Hamill not up to it?

    I just was thinking. All things considered, isn't it the forward coach's job to fix the problems with the forward line? Maybe Hamill isn't up to it? Or, is it that he's only been in the role for less than a year? Maybe it's not just that the players aren't good enough yet, maybe their coach...
  8. X

    St. Spewda Legend Aaron Hamill claims the Club has no Culture!

    Yep, they are queuing up to slag off the Club they played for down St. Spewda way. No Culture! Now Club Legend Aaron Hamill has weighed in! Is there any X player/Coach/Administrator/Sponsor/victim of this failure Club that has a nice word to say about them...
  9. M

    MMM commentators ie; Aaron Hamill.. any good?

    I love listening to MMM on Friday nights with the boys - but Saturday nights Im not too sure about. Aaron Hamills special comments - not so special if you ask me, he should stick to dating hot blondes with Tatts!!!. And Schwater he is a TOOL I think he thinks he is BT! and he isnt... I just...
  10. S

    Robert Eddy/Aaron Hamill

    It has been found out that former St Kilda and Carlton footballer Aaron Hamill has signed a new 8 year contract under the alias of Robert Eddy. The AFL, while still looking into the legalities of this new disguise, decided that since Eddy/Hamill already made his debut last week, they were were...
  11. Axcellence

    Aaron Hamill (mark 2) needed (w/o the injuries)

    I think the Geelong game proved, besides other things, how much value Aaron Hamill was. I still remember that game he played against Geelong couple of years back when he was BOG. The USP in his game was that he was able to get to the opposition player and make the ball a contest. And one...
  12. M

    Hamill's big secret?

    Today and yesterday i read that Aaron hamill has allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend over sensitive information she has been told about his private life. So i ask, what could this be about do ya think? I havent seen a thread anywhere on bf about this so i thought we might want to...
  13. Persevering Saint

    Could Hamill have been fit if we didn't have Thomas?

    ...had had a coach who was more willing to DO something, ANYTHING about the fitness department, and who did not insist on doing everything himself, would we have got more out of Aaron Hamill, particularly since he has been paid a fortune over the last three years to hobble around on one leg...
  14. N

    New Board: 1st Job, retain Aaron Hamill

    As per another thread, I'm pushing the new board to retain Aaron Hamill in some type of capacity at the club. He would have to be the best player that has come to another club and embraced its players, supporters and members to the max. And then go on the field of battle and spill blood...
  15. S

    Aaron Hamill retires

    I know there is a thread some where with the same title couldb;t find it, but its official Aaron Hamill has retired.
  16. S

    Aaron Hamill

    Hi guys, Just saw on the main forum that he has retired. Has this officially happened? I have not seen any articles on it.
  17. Oxygeneral

    Chick and Hamill

    Can anybody confirm that Daniel Chick and Aaron Hamill have retired?
  18. Pamam

    Hamill Gone!! could it be true?? Campo and Hamill to retire in same year??? i loved them at the blues, hated them when they left will welcome them if they want to come back to the blues!!!
  19. sauce_head

    Hamill - it is all over - no Carlton input needed

    ...the saints, and will be missed. Does this mean we can secure Macguire? I assume the negotiated salary deal only takes our part of the cap. Hamill, thanks for your efforts, I hope you stay around the club...
  20. navier-stokes equation

    Injury forces Hamill to call it a day

    Injury forces Hamill to call it a day Sad to see injury ruin his career
  21. sammm

    Hamill not to play ever again?

    It was heard on radio that Hammill will the a development coach at stkilda? anyone hear the news today? has he retired as yet?
  22. ChrisL#12

    Aaron Hamill

    ...the physio room on training days, and in the stands on game days. With an extra $600,000 in our pockets we could go after someone better than Hamill, because let's face it, he will never get back to his best. After being out for so long, he'll have to have half the season to get the feel for...
  23. finrod

    Will Aaron Hamill ever play another game of AFL?

  24. jj1978

    Hamill out for rest of the year

    A news story just on mentioned that Hamill's knee has flared up again and is possibly out for the remainder of the season.... That's all folks...
  25. jj1978

    Hamill out for rest of the year

    Just watching the news here in Canberra, and a story came up saying Hamill's knee has flared up again and is gone for the year...
  26. BluesRules

    Hamill & Campo - What Goes Around, Comes Around

    Isn't it funny how Campo and Hamill are both struggling to get fit. The funny thing about it is that they never had serious injuries at carlton and played most games. But, since they left for selfish reasons and went for money(Hamill) and success(Campo) they have both stuggled to get fit and...
  27. sauce_head

    Hamill this week?

    Is he playing VFL? I can not find it anywhere. And what is the Goose's situation? Is he playing this week as well?
  28. Harvey's Crew

    Harvey, Hamill, Gardiner= Keys

    ...the champ, but we need his experience, class and leadership to help us get over the line. Also his accurate delivery into the forward 50. Hamill: His leadership qualities are great I believe, guides the team, and we have a huge winning % when he plays. Also if you remember the Saints v...
  29. Atomboy

    Ackland 3 yrs vs Hamill 5 yrs - Which was the worse decision ?.

    Admitedly Ackland can get on the park, but his input for the Blues during game-time is about the same as Hamill sitting in the grandstand. Which was the worse contract decision ?.