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  1. TheNextPicken

    A3 Footy Podcast - Post Season Reviews and Beyond Thread

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd take the time and put my Bigfooty account to good use (finally!) and share with you a thread to link all our episodes from our Post-Season Review episodes and the episodes down the track (Like Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street, we ain't *in' leaving!). Below...
  2. Sky

    Are the Crows mad?

    You’re in the bottom 2 and you find out your club has basically delisted a club champion and two time AA despite the fact he’s 29. Yeah Daniel Talia has had some injuries but he’s not 33 and he’s clearly best 22. I can understand delisting Tom Lynch but he’s also best 22. It looked like they’ve...
  3. M

    Very Rare Adelaide Crows Autographed Signed Hat All Over Heaps Of Signatures

    Very Rare Adelaide Crows Autographed Signed Hat All Over Heaps Of Signatures On Ebay
  4. S

    Opinion Petition for a new logo?

    Hi all, catching a lot of us noise about Crows supporters starting to get sick of seeing our ridiculous logo. I feel like it’s a great time to shake things up, especially as we are entering a new era as a footy club and in general life (COVID). What style of logo would we be after as a club...
  5. Umberto Robina

    Opinion Who's use-by date has run out on the AFC board? The weakest link is.....?

    The cesspool of incompetence: Rob Chapman (Chairman) Jim Hazel (Deputy Chairman) The Hon Kate Ellis MP Linda Fellows Richard Fennell Rod Jameson Jim McDowell Mark Ricciuto Kym Ryder
  6. Betts are off

    Roast Motlop Meltdown. Was this an all time best?

    Now that a week has passed since the end of trade week, and we have all had some time to cool down a bit I thought it would be a good time to look back and laugh at what would have the be one of the all time unnecessary meltdowns in Adelaide's BF history. I refer to none other then the day...
  7. Rabman

    2018 Experiment Fixture

    2018 fixture is soon to be released, thought we could have a experiment and put our own cases forward into who are opponents will be at Adelaide Oval and all other venues next season, no doubt after last season there will a few blockbusters on the cards. Adelaide Oval: 1. Richmond Friday Night...

    Player Watch Matt Crouch - Dropped Again

    Crouchy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Rabman

    How Important We Are To The AFL

    Since our inception into the AFL in 1991, our club has contributed enormously to the national game through membership, attendances, TV ratings. Out of all the Non-Victorian clubs there's no doubt us and West Coast have on a consistent bases contributed enormously throughout these categories and...
  10. Hank93

    Preview FACE OFF Round 2: 8th time lucky? Hawthorn v Adelaide @ MCG

    When: Saturday, April 1 @ 1:15pm CST Weather: 19 degrees, possible shower, light winds 15-20km/h during the day. Odds: Adelaide $1.65, Hawthorn $2.25 (Sportsbet). Line is 5.5 points. The time has arrived to beat this mob. It’s been 6 long years and 7 straight matches since we’ve claimed a...
  11. Danger Zone

    List Mgmt. 2016 Delisted Free Agents

    After not adding any new players during the recent Free Agency and Trade Period, many of us are desperate for new names to cheer or ridicule. Some notable Delisted Free Agents this year are: Josh Green Andrejs Everitt Shaun Edwards Michael Barlow Matt de Boer Anthony Morabito Tendai Mzungu...
  12. Jack The Godfather

    Meet Up 2016 meet-up thread

    Geelong v Hawthorn round 1. Time and venue to be determined.
  13. scanlon

    Who are the flag contenders?

    3 weeks in, Im thinking Adelaide, Doggies, North, Swans and obviously Hawthorn are the major flag contenders.