1. Kurve

    Unsolved The Family Murders - MEDIA

    This thread may be used to post the Family Murders media related content. To include press and gathered photographs from various sources. Please feel free to post but as this is a no discussion thread, comments will be deleted or moved at discretion.
  2. Hooker

    Are the Crows mad?

    You’re in the bottom 2 and you find out your club has basically delisted a club champion and two time AA despite the fact he’s 29. Yeah Daniel Talia has had some injuries but he’s not 33 and he’s clearly best 22. I can understand delisting Tom Lynch but he’s also best 22. It looked like they’ve...
  3. Rabman

    The Decade That Was. Top 10 Adelaide Wins.

    As 2019 draws to a close, I thought I would look back upon this decade and pick out some of our best wins. There have been many ups and downs throughout this decade particularly low lights of late, so why not leave this decade by remembering some of our finest wins. Love to hear others views and...
  4. JackBero

    Certified Legendary Thread Brett Burton has been sacked and other great things

    As a result of the infamous review, head of football - Brett Burton has left the Adelaide Football Club. With this great news, this thread also includes other good news and fond memories. Good vibes to get us through this tough time.
  5. GreyCrow

    Current Matthew Tilley charged for 1993 murder of Suzanne Poll

    26 years after Suzanne Poll was brutally stabbed to death in her workplace a man has been arrested through the use of Familial DNA testing She was counting takings at the end of her shift at a stationery...
  6. CM9000

    Game Day Round 7: West Coast Vs Port Adelaide

    Round 7: West Coast Vs Port Adelaide or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Melts Ah, Port. 36 premierships in 147 years of operation, rivalling even the mighty Old Easts of the WAFL; a titan of South Australian football. Oddly enough, an AFL club also based in SA actually has the...
  7. Mighty Storm

    Other Super cars 2018

    Watching the Adelaide Clipsal practice 3.Just wondering who do you think will win the championship? Pretty close last year between McLaughlin and Whinc
  8. JimJamzzz

    Portfolio HD Wallpapers 2018

    Some wallpapers for people i've been doing in my spare time the last day or two. Will get around to doing all clubs in the next week or two also open to resolution suggestions/feedback etc. Enjoy
  9. L

    List as many outside midfielders as you can

    Outside mids are very underated and are probably the most important factor in a team. People call outside mids soft and useless. Richmond won the premiership from outside mids (Prestia, Rioli, Grigg, Ellis, Houli, etc.). What are your thoughts? List some players that you believe are truly...
  10. CM9000

    Think Tank Port Adelaide are a steaming pile of sh*t

    I'm not one to post here, but I think it's time I announce my hatred for Port. I despise everything about this sh*tstain of a club. Their supporters are Nazis, their players are a bunch of softcocks, their identity is meaningless and pathetic. Ken Hinkley is a useless baldfu** with an outdated...
  11. Rabman

    The delightful EDDIE BETTS

    What more can be said, wasn't born when Modra mania was around but Eddie is just so exciting to watch, thanks Carlton.
  12. Rabman

    Competitions Showdown Crowd

    Sell out Showdown, Looks like its gonna be a rainy Sunday 4th home showdown at Adelaide Oval for us, 8th showdown since the redevelopment. Showdown Crowds at AO. 2014: 50,397, 50,552 2015: 49,735, 53,518 2016: 51,585, 49,541 2017: 53,698 7 showdowns total of 358,908 average 51,273 Reckon...
  13. Hank93

    Preview FACE OFF Round 2: 8th time lucky? Hawthorn v Adelaide @ MCG

    When: Saturday, April 1 @ 1:15pm CST Weather: 19 degrees, possible shower, light winds 15-20km/h during the day. Odds: Adelaide $1.65, Hawthorn $2.25 (Sportsbet). Line is 5.5 points. The time has arrived to beat this mob. It’s been 6 long years and 7 straight matches since we’ve claimed a...
  14. Rabman

    Crowd expectations at Adelaide oval next season

    As a 20 year old and having supported the Crows since 2002, what has made very proud as a fan has been our excellent attendances as fans and support for the team. Over the last 3 years the move to Adelaide oval has allowed our club to top the average attendances table, being first in both 2014...
  15. mattys123

    Game Day AFL Round 17 - Collingwood vs Adelaide Matchday Discussion (AO - 7.40pm)

    2016 AFL PREMIERSHIP SEASON ROUND 17 COLLINGWOOD vs ADELAIDE SATURDAY 16TH JULY 7.40PM ADELAIDE OVAL BROADCAST GUIDE WEATHER Collingwood fans have hope, although that may not be the best thing. For a long...
  16. Hank93

    Preview The ultimate test: Round 5 Adelaide @ Hawthorn - MCG

    Date/Time: Friday, April 22, 7:20pm CST, 7:50pm EST Weather: Partly cloudy, Min 13, Max 18. Slight (20%) chance of a shower in the morning. Winds southerly 15 to 20 km/h becoming light in the late evening. Ladder: Adelaide (7th, 3-1, 124.23%), Hawthorn (8th, 3-1, 106.41%) Odds (Sportsbet)...