1. P

    2022 Women's Basketball World Cup Thread

    Favourites the USA dispatched the plucky Belgians who shot 40% from deep. The tiny nation of Puerto Rico beat the former part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in Bosnia-Herzegovina. And in the battle of East Asia, powerhouse China whalloped the Korean team 107-44. Lauren Jackson has made her...
  2. Rubber Arm

    Portfolio 2022-23 City Edition Uniforms by Rubber Arm

    ayyy yoooooo First time doing a portfolio on big footy and there's only so much you can do with AFL team designs because they have to stay similar to tradition, but with the NBA, teams can do aaaanything. I've decided to design the "City Edition" uniforms for next season. I'm going to be...
  3. Kurve

    WNBA Star Brittney Griner arrested in Russia on drugs charges *Sentenced to 9 years jail

    Seven-times WNBA All-Star player Brittney Griner was arrested some time in February after officials at Moscow airport found what they said was cannabis vape cartridges in her luggage. She's sharing a cell with two others and at 2m tall (6'9") the beds are too short for her. :( The Russian...
  4. HappyRed

    Simulation Basketball League - Looking for new players!

    No more.
  5. P

    The Official NBA Orlando Bubble Thread (seeding games)

    A day after TJ Warren unleashed on the hapless 76ers, we prepare ourselves for another high pressure day of seeding games. Brooklyn defeated the Wizards in Orlando with Caris LeVert 34 and 7. Former Laker Thomas Bryant led the Wiz with a bruising 30 and 14. The Spurs and Grizz are playing some...
  6. jmac91

    Portfolio NBL x First Ever - The Future of Basketball

    The NBL has joined forces with First Ever for the up coming season. All current 9 teams, the new Tasmanian Expansion team and 2 other Expansion teams will be shown with their Jerseys for the upcoming season. This season is a great leap forward for the league drawing NBA level talent across the...
  7. BringBackTheAnchor

    Portfolio The 2nd Best Basketball League

    In this Portfolio I will design all 9 NBL+ the Huskies teams Home, Away, City and Retro Uniforms
  8. P

    The Bigfooty Official Week 14 NBA Thread. The return of Zion

    Miami and Spurs headline a quiet day in the NBA. Denver and Indiana Pacers the other game. Here is a highlight.
  9. P

    The Bigfooty Official Week NINE National Basketball Association (NBA) Thread

    Orlando hold a slender lead over the home town Pelicans in the first. All Magic starters have scored.
  10. P

    The Bigfooty Official Week 8 National Basketball Association Thread

    Another fantastic week of basketball on and off the court has been completed. Whoever had Fizdale in the sacked coach sweep, congratulations. Becky Hammon rumoured to contain interest in the head coach position. In other news, Benjamin Simmons hit another 3. He is shooting a whopping 50%...
  11. Bleedblueandgold

    Australia vs Canada, RAC Arena, 16 & 17 August 2019

    Announced a while ago, but not posted about yet afaik. Playing 2 games before the games vs USA at Marvel Stadium. Who knows if Canada will send over any of their NBA players, but still a good chance to watch the Boomers ahead of the World Cup for Boomers supporters. Should at least be a much...
  12. Freight Train

    Portfolio NBA 2020 - A Freight Train Folio

    Simple stuff - going to take the modern day NBA and redesign, rebrand and/or relocate teams. Enjoy.
  13. stewie griffen

    The official Bigfooty NBA week 5 thread - Ask a question about the game /Kevin Durant

  14. I

    LeBron James: LA Lakers move for basketball, not movies says NBA star

    LeBron James says his move to Los Angeles Lakers was for basketball reasons - and nothing to do with his Hollywood career.:cool::cool: The four-time NBA Most Valuable Player joined the Lakers in July on a four-year deal worth $154m (£116m).:cool::cool: James, 33, is involved in various...
  15. MMAPride Scott

    WNBL 2019

    Didnt see a thread thought Id start one, hoping there is a few that follow. I took my daughter to a Wildcats games against my Melbourne UTD and there was an Ad for the LYNX, she was Keen I took her the rest is History. Members now 3rd season going great league players are really accessible to...
  16. Son of Skeletor

    Elasticity (or navigating the +/- matrix) - now with cake... and 20% more stats

    There has been a lot of discussion on this forum this season about the value of stats. Which stats can be trusted? Which stats best capture the value of a player? And so on and so forth. One of the biggest conundrums centres around the +/- metric. On one hand this is a stat which attempts to...
  17. hans moleman

    The Official Week 24 Thread...Everybody Hates Draymond

    It's Week 24. Can you name the player wearing no. 24 on the Basketball Card above? Answer will be given at the end of this post. We're nearing the end of the Regular Season, which means it's time to hand out Awards to those players who have excelled in 2015/16. But we won't be looking at the...
  18. hans moleman

    "Calm That Down, Boy!"...It's the Official Week 21 Thread!

    It's Week 21. Can you name #21 in the Basketball Card above? Only 1 month left to go in the Regular Season. Unfortunately, this week's hastily put-together OP is a short one with minimal content and zero analysis involved. I do however have the transcript from a special interview I was able...