1. inanunda

    Lace Out's 2021 Geelong Season Preview with The Cat Attack Podcast

    Lace Out and the Cat Attack podcasts have teamed up for a awesome Geelong FC 2021 season preview you don't want to miss. 🎧Check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more: #itshowyouwanyourfooty #laceout #CATATTACK
  2. M

    2007 Match Worn (#44 Corey Enright) Geelong Football Club Guernsey

    2007 Match Worn (#44 Corey Enright) Geelong Football Club Guernsey On Ebay
  3. Nickimus Rex

    Official Club Stuff Old cats logo

    Hi all, I was looking at old Cats logos and I found this lovely monogram (I do love a good monogram) for sale on eBay - it looks like it's a season member ticket. Anyway, i thought I would try and recreate it for anyone who wants it - note i added 1859 because that's a nifty year :)
  4. dawsonhe

    Gold Logo Premiers Guernseys Wanted Will Pay $$$

    I am looking to purchase a variety of Gold Logo Guernsey's. I would only want it brand new, preferably with the tags. If you have one and are willing to sell please let me know how much. The ones I am looking for are: Geelong 2007 Premiers Hawthorn 2008 Premiers Geelong 2009 Premiers...
  5. TheDoctor11

    Discussion Footy Jumpers Buy Swap Sell – new rules in OP

    If you're looking to offload jumpers or swap them for that jumper you've always wanted, post all sale/swapping related issues in this thread! Rules (as of February 2018): BigFooty, the Footy Jumpers & Graphic Design board and its moderators are not responsible for any transactions made/moneys...
  6. Natalie Snortman

    What the heck? Dangerfields a diver but were his actions bordering on racist?

    Did anyone watch the round 22 Geelong game vs Brisbane on Saturday afternoon. 18:23 into the second term, Dangerfield gave away a free kick to Charlie Cameron for a hold without the ball. As Charlie lines up for goal, clearly frustrated dangerfield, pulls out a bow an arrow gesture to try and...
  7. Crankitup

    Meltdown Geelong have peaked ....... too early

    Just sayin'.
  8. TheVineSport

    Podcast with Travis Varcoe

    Check out this in depth conversation with Collingwood footballer Travis Varcoe. The podcast goes into detail about his storey, his battle with racist internet trolls and the passing of his sister Maggie. Trav also talk about his time at Geelong, where he won two premierships as well as at...
  9. kreglze

    Autopsy Round 10 vs Geelong, Metricon Stadium, Saturday May 25th @ 7:25pm

    Another week and have a real stern test against the Cats. If we can limit the damage and keep within 30 points I would take that in a heart beat. Touk will be back which is good news for the midfield. Dangerfield looks like he will miss for them at the moment. With Macpherson's aggression...
  10. i hate geelong

    i hate geelong

  11. sthmelb_dimmies

    They’re still using MS Paint in Corio.

  12. King_AFL

    Universal Love GARY ABLETT 2018 HIGHLIGHTS

  13. Sparkle

    News Geelong to unveil 2019 home guernsey vs Suns

    Quoting from the Cats website: "It’ll be a taste of things to come for the Cats on Saturday against the Suns at GMHBA Stadium. The Cats for the first time will launch and wear their 2019 home guernsey in their final 2018 home and away game. The guernsey’s changes include the addition of the...
  14. RogerDean

    Why I hate.....

    I used to hate Melbourne. They had brutes like Bob Johnson and Barassi who tormented the Tigers and laughed us off whenever they played us...because we were crap- really crap. But I've changed. I've changed tho... I have a son and grandson who both barrack for the Demons so I cant reasonably...
  15. Fryer Tuck

    The SFA League. Bringing back the Geelong!

    (Approved by Geelong Mods) Howdy Catters! How fares you this fine winter? I am Fryer Tuck, an ambassador and club captain of the Geelong Gumbies... well, as things stand, just the Gumbies. The club was founded by Geelong fans (Catman to be precise), for Geelong fans. Over the seasons, there...
  16. CM9000

    Oppo Camp West Coast Vs Geelong Banter Thread

    Since the game is still 4 days away (fu** the Sunday timeslot), I think it's appropriate to start the first WCE banter thread for 2018. To kick things off, here's a random list of Geelong supporters I picked out from their gameday thread: * you pick one * Willo_ * BotsMaster * Gydafud *...
  17. CaptainHowdy87

    Any sports bars or pubs you go to that don't serve food during the day?

    TL;DR version - 2 sports bars I went to today said they don't serve food until 5:30 PM. Has anyone else ever encountered this anywhere? Long rant version - I probably go out once a weekend to watch the footy with my Dad at a sports bar or a pub near where I live. Today we had to drop someone in...
  18. K rock Football

    Injury Dangerfield injury latest - Hamstring - updated 4pm 13/3/18

    Story with quotes from Corey Enright. Also includes info on Ablett, Stanley etc. cheers Kingy
  19. K rock Football

    News Season Launch Wrap

    More than 700 people in the President's Room last night for the Season Launch return to Geelong. Colin Carter and Chris Scott both spoke, the PLG was confirmed and were interviewed by Simon Lloyd, the new faces (including GAJ) were introduced and interviewed by Stephen Wells. Here's the link...
  20. K rock Football


    Hi all, Missed our interviews with Simon Lloyd, Troy Selwood and Jed Bews? Click the link for more. cheers Kingy