1. biaseddustyfan

    Preview 2019 Round 21 - Richmond vs Carlton, Sunday 11th of August @ MCG, 3:20pm

    Match Centre Last weeks teams Changes I want: Out Butler Caddy, In Kmac Pickett Predicted changes: No Changes Carlton changes: From a bit of reading Kreuzer and Cunningham are potential ins, their board doesn't seem to want anyone out...
  2. Carltontragic

    List Mgmt. Priority pick

    No doubt over the coming months many posters will want to discuss the merits of a PP for Carlton. Instead of it derailing many of the other threads how about those wanting to discuss it come here. Let’s all be nice to each other, we all want the same thing - no.17, enjoy.
  3. TigerTime_89

    Round 1 Crowd Prediction

    What will it be? Hopefully above 80K? Will we out number them? That's a stupid question. How much will we out number them? Latest Ticketing:
  4. The Ghost Rider

    Prediction Where will Carlton finish in 2019?

    Where will Carlton finish in 2019?
  5. The Ghost Rider

    Prediction Where will Carlton finish in 2019?

    Where will Carlton finish in 2019?
  6. Carltontragic

    Pick Swap 2019 - How Crow Can You Go?

    A thread to discuss Adelaide FC season, from the Carlton supporters side
  7. King_AFL

    Charlie Curnow 2018 Highlights

  8. Honesty Seeker

    Pre-Season Time Trial Stats etc

    Reading about 193cm Jok winning the Saints time-trial but as usual his time wasn't posted. Why? There never is for any club in any year!! WTF!! How can that be so damned confidential. It's not as if it's going to change the result of any game at any time! Doesn't anyone else want to know just...
  9. Port Adelaide 1870

    Carlton 1896 in Colour

    I hope you blue baggers enjoy this photo I've colourized. The 1896 Carlton side. .
  10. Jess Solero

    Seriously, Croad & Jesaulenko?

    Is this a set up? Imagine the genes, imagine the looks of this offspring! Not sure if it’s true, I have people who know Trent and have heard they are going strong but can anyone confirm? I couldn’t stand him being with that girl from Neighbors, I have heard she is a little crazy but know...
  11. CM9000

    GC & Carlton Given Priority Access to State League Players

    The AFL has announced that Gold Coast and Carlton will be given access to state league players outside the draft: Apparently priority picks aren't enough "special assistance".
  12. BlueAbroad

    ⚪ 2018 SEASON REVIEW ⚪

    A huge thank you to everyone that listened and contributed to the podcast. The final review is now live. Any feedback or suggestions for next year's show would be greatly appreciated. If you're a sports fan aside from AFL, be sure to subscribe as I will be moving onto my other passions in the...
  13. LostTP

    AFL themed Wooden Spoons Mobile Game

    Give it a shot and send to some Blues friends Wooden Spoons by LostTP posted Sep 2, 2018 at 10:38 AM IOS Link
  14. Wooden Spoons

    Wooden Spoons

    Mobile Game
  15. Aphrodite

    News 2018 AA Squad Named - Congratulations Patrick Cripps!

    Congrats :blueheart: #PCRIPPS3VOTES :blueheart: The final 22 All-Australian team will be announced on Wednesday night. Rory Laird (Adelaide) Harris Andrews (Brisbane) Dayne Beams (Brisbane) Patrick Cripps (Carlton) Jordan de Goey (Collingwood) Brodie Grundy (Collingwood) Scott...
  16. SkinnyLappin

    Call out for thesis research participation!

    Hi All! Long time, first time. I’m currently doing my thesis project involving advertising and marketing strategies used by Victorian AFL clubs to attract new members. I'm on the hunt for any Bigfooty users who became first time members of the Melbourne, Richmond, Essendon or Carlton footy...
  17. The J Dog

    Club Focus Carlton - How did they get to here?

    In 2011 Carlton lost a semi-final to West Coast in Perth by 3 points. From that team, coached by Brett Ratten, only Marc Murphy (then 24) and Kade Simpson (27) played last night. Their team that day included the now retired Chris Judd (then 28), Andrew Carrazzo (27), Michael Jamison (25)...
  18. BlueAbroad

    Podcast AFL China 2018

    Hey guys! I spend a few weeks in Shanghai with Port Adelaide for the AFL China project. I got to follow the team around everywhere and with that, was able to take some awesome insight into what a contending club looks like on the inside. Check out my review of it all here...
  19. Boxhead_31

    Curnows' Umpire Contact - why the different punishment?

    Looks like a week off coming up for Ed
  20. G

    Celebrating wins...understanding the process!

    After the weekend’s “RUSH” of winning, I just wanted to take a few deep breaths, take note of comments from all sources about Carlton’s win. Today is Tuesday, and the fallout is still continuing, but not for Carlton, but for Essendon. Last night we heard that Mark Neeld had “resigned” or as...

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