1. P

    Presenting by YouTube playlist of AFL radio calls and a few TV ones.

    hey all, I invite every single person to take a look at my playlist of footy radio calls. Most of these recordings are personally made by me and I usually upload them after the weekends games. Most of the recent grand finals are also in here and some really hard to find stuff as well. I...
  2. Teimy

    Alternate History of Australian Rules Football FINALE.

    Big Footy, we meet again. Welcome to the second installment of my ‘Alternate History of Australian Rules Football’ mini-series. If you have not read the first chapter please do so following this link https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/alternate-history-of-australian-rules-football.1253604/...
  3. Teimy

    Alternate History of Australian Rules Football.

    Hello everyone at BigFooty, my name is Tim and today I am going to share with you something I have been working on in my head for the past 3-4 years (on and off). I present to you an alternate reality where everyone's favourite egg shaped ball game is an internationally played game at a high...
  4. kick it to tim

    Research Alex (Alec) Joker Hall Melbourne Coach 1911????

    Hi there I have been doing some research into the career of Alex (Alec) Joker Hall, and I believe I have found evidence he was the Melbourne coach in 1911. Supermercado if I am going over old ground, I apologize! Now I have had a good look on Demonwiki (http://demonwiki.org/Alex+Hall) and it...
  5. The Speaker

    Which domestic team is the greatest?

    Sometimes as I'm sifting through my mind's catalogue of cricket facts, it occurs to me that some domestic cricket teams have an astonishingly good history. Cricket is not an egalitarian sport in a collective sense (though I would argue it is in an individual sense, in that it's open for all...
  6. R

    Documentary on the Sherrin (beyond the football)

  7. JapanFootball

    Geelong on Trove - History thread

    For those who aren't aware, old Australian newspapers have been digitised on a website called TROVE (https://trove.nla.gov.au) With a bit of free time on my hands, I started to wonder what interesting things I could find in the history archives. How's this for a cracker to start us off... A...
  8. C

    Research Historical results/ladders - Dump them here

    Seems like there isn't a thread like this here. Just an easy place to dump collected results and ladders from seasons past.
  9. mianfei

    How would the AFL look today if the draft had been declared illegal circa 1993?

    In the New South Wales Rugby League, a player draft was declared illegal by the Supreme Court in 1991, and I have strong memories of claims the AFL Draft would be declared illegal soon after (circa 1992). Many scholars – such as Ross Booth - have argued that without the player draft clubs such...
  10. The Speaker

    What should be the format of the World Cup?

    For the first four editions of the Cricket World Cup, there was a fairly simple formula in place: eight teams split into two groups, top two from each play in the knockouts. At least one of the teams playing would have qualified via winning the ICC Trophy for associate members. Come 1992, the...
  11. Hello Kitty

    Gallery Geelong Club History

    "It is believed that the co-founder of Australia football, Thomas Wentworth Wills, recommended the formation of the Geelong Football Club in July 1859 making it the second oldest continuously existing club at an elite level of any code in the world, the Melbourne Football Club credited as the...
  12. GG.exe

    Modern Day Event Internet censorship

  13. Dan Baker

    Current Crime books - What are you reading?

    Im not much a reader. However, while I was searching the net, I came across this book. I have read a bit of this and will purchase it. This book is set in the backdrop of early Western Australia outlining the mill life of Western Australians, with a murder thrown in for good measure. I like...
  14. Killer_Mike

    Toast Things about the Bombers that make you smile

    I thought I might start a bit of a lighthearted thread and somewhere where we can come to celebrate great Essendon stories. If this has been covered elsewhere then delete but I thought it might be a good opportunity to discuss things throughout the history of our great club that makes you proud...
  15. SFgiant

    Club History Carlton Juniors - Appealing for History

    Hi guys. I'm trying to follow up on a few of my father's early sporting endeavours. He played for the Carlton Under 17s side in 70' and 71', but we can't seem to find any photos or info about these teams on the 'Blueseum' page. I'm not sure whether this is be the smartest way to go about this...
  16. AFL 2016 History lesson

    AFL 2016 History lesson

    Another @Norm De Guerre classic
  17. D

    Resource Eagles History

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows of any resources containing a detailed history of the Eagles. Ebooks, websites, books, anything like that. Cheers!
  18. wizardwaffle

    Resource VFA/VFL Jumpers [image heavy thread]

    Here is my collection of all the VFL/A Teams and Jumpers. Firstly here are the teams that have competed in the VFL/A. Those highlighted in gold are those 21 clubs that are currently competing in the Victorian Football League. Here is the Premiers of each years competition. Where two teams are...
  19. ljamest36

    Discussion Each clubs greatest player of all time

    Feel free to butt in and give your own opinion, you'd know your own club far better than I do. Adelaide- Andrew Mcleod Brisbane Lions and Bears-Micheal Voss Carlton- Bruce Doull (not sure how popular that decision will be) Collingwood- Bob Rose Essendon- Dick Reynolds Fitzroy- Kevin Murray...
  20. Rotayjay

    Equalisation - the facts and the premiership merry-go-round

    Equalisation isn't the hottest topic in the world of the AFL, but it's perennially brought up because it directly affects all of us two million-odd fans. If we didn't each want our team to win flags, we wouldn't be supporters. Equalisation measures such as the salary cap, draft, and 'luxury...