1. Sam Hall

    Workshop Wanted: Graphic designers to create old SANFL sponsor logos etc

    I’m working on a self project using Meros templates to document every SANFL jumper with sponsors. A lot of them however are impossible to find online and need to be recreated. I’m not a good enough designer to do this so I’m looking for some help. I’m after anyone who’s willing to make a whole...
  2. aCunningPlan

    Workshop Jumper Ideas for 2022

    Rough North idea. Yes, white shorts.
  3. serial_thrilla

    List Mgmt. 2019 Fremantle F.C. Player Numbers (Update: Numbers Issued!)

    Here we go again. With the delistings of Tom Sheridan, Cam Sutcliffe, Luke Strnadica and Brady Grey we are getting closer to knowing the makeup of the Fremantle squad leading into the draft. (EDIT: Michael Apeness has now also retired) So far we know the following jumper numbers becoming...
  4. jmac91

    Poll FJGD AFL Jumper Hall of Fame Announcement & Shortlist

    Hello distinguished footy jumper creators, lovers and everything else in-between. A couple of weeks ago I posted an idea on the competitions thread about an idea about having an AFL Jumper Hall of Fame. This had very positive views so I need all your help to put together a list of jumpers to...
  5. Andonis1997

    News Carlton’s 2019 clash jumper fiasco

    Mods can lock this thread until next season, but in the meantime.... NO. NO NO. NO. Nike, you can piss off and leave us alone if true.
  6. cannavo

    Portfolio 2018 AFL Jumpers With Classic Sponsors [COMPLETE + VIDEO]

    Iss all in the title fam Flexing that Clone stamp, y'know dat. Don't take it for one of dem old sponsor on new template tings Y'get me? /BigShaqMode Yep, bringing back the retro sponsors on the 2018 jumpers and I mean THE jumpers. Thanks to some away jumpers, I can include more retro flashbacks...
  7. magpienato

    Discussion Expansion Teams: NSW, SA, QLD & WA

    Conversation surrounding the expansion of the 18 teams which are currently in the competition is focused on the untouched lands of Tasmania and even New Zealand. These two places, I believe, are viable expansion routes for the AFL to spread its influence through. However, we must think to the...
  8. magpienato

    Portfolio BBL > AFL Jumpers

    Hey guys! As the title may suggest, this thread is about the transformation of the BBL teams uniforms into AFL gear. I will admit, I am not the best when it comes to Photoshop (or graphic design for that matter) but I will display what designs I have come up with for jumpers as well as logos...
  9. magpienato

    Portfolio NFL + AFL Jumper Crossovers

    Hey guys! So I've been on this forum for specifically the Jumper Graphic Design thread and really love seeing the awesome designs you guys make. Although I haven't been here for long, I feel as if it's my turn to contribute something. With that said I decided to mix my two favorite sport...
  10. wizardwaffle

    Resource VFL/A Teams and Jumpers

    Here is my collection of all the VFL/A Teams and Jumpers. Firstly here are the teams that have competed in the VFL/A. Here is the Premiers of each years competition. Teams will be listed with Today's teams listed first, then they will be listed down in order they joined the competition...
  11. wizardwaffle

    Resource What does your local Football Club wear?

    I thought this would be a good idea. Draw your local football team jumper. Then we will be able to see what jumpers that local clubs use. The first club I have done is Emmaus St.Leo's Old Collegian Football Club, a club in the VAFA. Here is their jumper and logo. Draw up the uniforms of your...
  12. wizardwaffle

    Resource VFA/VFL Jumpers [image heavy thread]

    Here is my collection of all the VFL/A Teams and Jumpers. Firstly here are the teams that have competed in the VFL/A. Those highlighted in gold are those 22 clubs that are currently competing in the Victorian Football League. Here is the Premiers of each years competition. Where two teams are...
  13. wizardwaffle

    Discussion Who really needs a Clash Jumper?

    There has been arguments over the past twenty years about the need of Clash Jumpers. Why do we need them when we haven't for the last 100 years? How should wear them and against who? You can go on and on with the arguments, but you will know most of them. What we do know is that the AFL does...
  14. LeeARM

    AFL LIVE PC Texture Mods

    If you've been on the other AFL Live PC thread you will have seen some of the texture mods POULTERBEAR and I have been working on lately. Seeing as I've finished all the 2016 uniform textures (that I'm currently aware of), I thought I'd finally get around to showing everyone how to use them...