Player Watch #15: Atu Bosenavulagi

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Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 24, 2012
Womb with a view
AFL Club
North Melbourne
The only problem with that review is Bonar took Dangerfield whenever he went forward, not Atu.

Atu swapped onto Rohan when Bonar took Dangerfield and absolutely killed him.

Atu was on Dalhaus for other periods, again, killed him.

Both Bonar and Atu absolutely killed both of their opponents all game, especially given the amount of I50's we were absorbing.

It wasn't until Hayden went to Rohan that Rohan came into the game.
Correctamundo on all of this :thumbsupemoji:

I speculated pre season that Atu may have been getting an education by temporarily playing down back before moving back up the ground later on.

That's looking like I was wrong, judging by that debut, as he looked a natural down there.

Great effort for a guy that's been learning the role for all of about 5 minutes.

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Senior List
May 27, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Cool, calm and collected. My only worry and he is young, so can definitely work on it with our skills and development coaches is just to a be a bit cleaner/ more penetration with his field kicking. Noticed he slapped it on the boot a couple times and or lobbed a few kicks


Team Captain
Aug 13, 2019
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North Melbourne
If Robbie, Corr, LMac, Perez were on the park l'm sure we'd see him up forward.
That would seem logical and I hope this is what they do but part of the article below from NMFC website seems to say they have other ideas :(

Crossing from Collingwood this off-season, Atu Bosenavulagi arrived at North Melbourne with a reputation as an exciting and crafty forward or wingman.

But his role has taken a surprising, but successful change, during his time at his new club.

Shifting into the backline in 2021, Bosenavulagi has impressed coaches and fans alike with his aggression, speed and skill in an unfamiliar position, and he is banging the door down for an AFL call-up.

Despite the late decision to move him back, North's number 15 is flourishing, and says he’s enjoying the challenges that come with learning a new position.

“The coaches only moved me into the backline four weeks before the season started,” Bosenavulagi told North Media.

The chorus

All Australian
Jun 15, 2012
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North Melbourne
That’s cause we haven’t had time to ruin them yet.
It gets a bit tiring reading these tired cliches turning up in every thread, and in fact I often avoid because it is so crass. How about a bit of positivity for a change. I am amazed, for example, at how much Bonar has improved since coming to the club

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