Past #15: Daniel Howe - #31 in '14 ND to HFC - delisted end '22 - #33 in '23 RD to NM -retires from AFL & NM end '23 - 107 AFL games / 11 NM games

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Is the ability to jog a few kms a game all it f***ing takes to get in our list? Indictment on our putrid list management and fitness.

The fact that he managed to get to 100 games is a bigger mystery than the Zodiac Killer and Flight MH370.

My fridge magnets have a better chance at making a good decision.

Useless c***
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This campaigner playing games for the club hurts my soul. Momentum killer and a half. And we had to pitch to him too hey Clarko?
Totally agree momentum.killer.let em back into it .by making some of the worst mistakes you'll see on a football field..roll on 2024.

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I get players play a role for a coach that maybe some of us don’t at times understand…but what must go through Clarkson’s head when he sees him kick the wrong way…when he put a shank out in the full…is watching that same game as everyone else.
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Yeah .... nah. That lovely stroll along the hbf, just allowing whoever to close in and then the kick to the bloke in the crowd. Please leave.
Like everybody except Dan, his wife and the kids, I'll also be happy to see him working at Bunnings next season. Or anywhere, apart from at North Melbourne.

But... If he existed to demonstrate to players that they had to be better than him to get a game ahead of him then it's not his fault I suppose. It is the fault of every uninjured AFL Listed player who didn't get a run today.
I was chatting to a Hawks supporting mate about Howe at the start of the year. His comments were fairly on the money "...he requires patience. A lot. He does try. Can rarely question his effort. His feet are another story".

I'd delist him twice just to make sure of it.

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