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Mar 7, 2012
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Not reading it wrongly at all. We had a chance through three different types of acquisition periods to address our biggest needs and we didn't. I am not saying we should have drafted a ruckman as i realise they take time (although I would have been very happy with 20 year old 205cm/105kilo Rory Lobb).

What I am worried about is that if Sam Jacobs doesn't play for 10+ games (for whatever reason) it hurts us because not only will we have to play a shit ruckman in Graham - but we won't get those 10 precious games into a developing ruckman - thus wasting them.
A rookie ruck wouldn't last 10 games. Reckon Osborne would do it in that case. Can't be worse than Graham.

Clearly we rated Crouch as a must get. And Knight fits our need for an ouside player. Are we going to choose a genuine 1st ruck? Who if we develop well could well sit behind Jacobs until he requests a trade?

I reckon we will rookie draft a ruck/fwd. And we will go with a 1st ruck and ruck/fwd structure and should Jacobs go down we'll play 2 ruck fwds and have Otten etc play a pinch hit role. The rotation factor may make taking 2 genuine rucks into a match more risky. We lose the tap but have Crouch, Lyons, Grigg or Danger shark the ball.

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