Draft Review 2020 - Revisit the 2020 AFL Draft

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Wild Bill

Brownlow Medallist
May 28, 2013
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North Melbourne
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Seattle Seahawks
Understand its early but I will kick the debate off with Marc McGowen's 2020 re-do.

Re-ranked top 10

1. Errol Gulden (32)
2. Riley Thilthorpe (2)
3. Tom Powell (13)
4. Jake Bowey (21)
5. Archie Perkins (9)
6. Lachie Bramble (SSP)
7. Nik Cox (8)
8. Josh Treacy (rookie)
9. James Rowe (38)
10. Caleb Poulter (30)

The toughest draft to re-rank because, in reality, it’s far too early to make a judgment. It was also hard to compare the seasons of players competing in teams of differing strength and opportunity. Bowey played one-third of Perkins’ games but was a genuine contributor for Melbourne and kept out more seasoned teammates to help win a flag. There are footballers who didn’t appear on the re-rank list – such as Grainger-Barras and Campbell – who looked promising but didn’t play enough. Gulden and Thilthorpe were the standouts, while Max Holmes was the unluckiest to miss out


Premiership Player
Jul 10, 2011
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Also difficult because plenty of kids were underdone coming into the season.

The same issues as the 2021 class will have.

This will change significantly in the next 12 months, should be interesting recapping 20’ and 21’ in the future though.

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