Senior 7. Matthew Kennedy

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Jul 19, 2005
Bunbury, WA
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Manchester United
Title is wrong... should be back on the senior list for 2022.

But that being said, getting dropped to the rookie list has allowed him the time to recover from any issues he had and has let him work on the things the club wanted him to work on without the pressure from us know it all supporters. I hope he really smashes it next year under Voss.

The Flying Doormat

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 5, 2008
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Tranmere Rovers
I really like Bam Bam. I badly want him to succeed. So much grit and determination to work his way back the next season after being relegated to the rookie list. This is one time where a demotion has done its trick.
Can't wait to see what Voss has planned for Kennedy. Ollie Wines MKII...


Club Legend
Sep 2, 2017
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Can kick straight too.

Yep he’s very dangerous in the forward 50 because of that - he goes to the right spot, he’s a strong mark and he’s a straight kick - imagine trying to stop our forward line at full strength when we have the likes of Harry and Charlie on the lead - and the likes of Kennedy, Honey, Jack, Martin and Cripps dropping into open space for marks and then crumbing by Motlop and Durdin while Walsh and Cerra lurk for opportunities.

Those forward 50 entries are what we have to nail and the pressure forwards can hopefully keep the ball in there.

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Premiership Player
Mar 20, 2017
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Top effort to get himself back on the main list. Would have felt that his career was slipping away and that it was back to the farm.

Hoping that this gives him the extra confidence to really launch from here.

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Team Captain
Dec 30, 2020
Melbourne, Victoria
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He's turned himself into a competitor which is crucial for making a long AFL career. A few years ago he wasn't but somewhere along the line things clicked. He's just got to keep doing what he's doing.

No reason Kennedy can't evolve into an A grader.

Type of bloke you know will have your back.

An elite mark too.


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 27, 2008
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My baseline thought on Kanga is that he's a very good footballer. I remember in his draft year, i ranked him very highly. His 1st game for the Giants he kicked a ripper snag, did some nice things and i thought "yep, got that one right".

From then on, i just haven't seen it though. As he progressed he looked a little more and more off the pace each week and season. By last year, i had lost all hope for him. He just couldn't go on the firm AFL decks. A very good footballer but a step off AFL pace.

But then he returned mid season, slimmed down a bit, but still muscled, and he got around and contributed better than he had. Looked a bit rejuvenated. I wonder whether he had slackened off a bit subconciously(it has been a Carlton thing for a while) only for the delisting to make him leave no stone unturned in his prep. But whatever, he looked and played better.

I'm still not sold. He is not in my team at the moment. I think it will be hard for him amongst harder competition now. But i'm happy that he's back in the mix, and will have no trouble with it if he earns a spot early on. I like him and hope he ultimately proves me both wrong, and going back to my draft ranking of him....right.

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