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Sep 18, 2014
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Report from someone who was at the games live.
Fyfe looked amazing. due to the small ground, instead of leading he just signaled he wanted the ball kicked high in his direction. He beat key defenders in one on one marking contests & will re-take his mantle as the best player in the comp if he stays injury free. The only kryptonite would be the usual knock on his kicking SOMETIMES.
Hill ran & ran, & kicked quite well. He looks fit again. If only the commentator at the game stopped calling him Stephen, but the plonker was using that sheizen term, checkside, so that tells a story)
Wilson was really, really good. He marshalled the backline & kicked beautifully, except for one kick & even spoilt a key forward, only to be penalised for an out of bounds (due to the actual rules), so he stopped doing that, but he is in really good nick.
The actual games were OK, but the 10 point goals after marks from long kicks were confusing. For mine, I'd only award 10 points if the kick sailed through from the long range zone & keep all other goals to 6 points.
As for the other players, Cripps will be the second best in the comp this year & Jack Martin is so smooth. Dangerflog can play, but man, is he a flog!
Overall, it was good as it was footy & it was some of the best players in the game having fun & no injuries (I think). What's not to like?

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