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Thanks to everyone to voting and participating.
I feel it's a good way to look back on gaming as a community.
It provides a list of games for people to play if they missed them.

10. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Available on PC, Xbox One & PC) - 32 points

calyam said:
Probably the prettiest game I have ever played. Purchased a new graphics card and trialed it with Tomb Raider. The results were spectacular.

Perhaps reacting to past criticisms, Shadow places great emphasis on exploration at the expense of combat. This might be welcome by some but the end result is a game that makes poor use of a range of combat options. There are times during the game where I felt like Rambo but those moments were few and far between. Luckily the environments in the game were often spectacular, making exploration worthwhile.

9. Forza Horizon 4 (Available on Xbox One & Windows PC) - 34 points

'TheKanga' said:
I just love this series, ever since the first one on Xbox 360.
Playground games are incredibly talented developers and have outdone themselves again.
Racing or just roaming through the locales of Great Britain is always a thrill.
The introduction of seasons adds a new dynamic to the gameplay and visuals.
Visually it's what we have come to expect from Horizon but even more pretty thanks to the Xbox One X.

8. Detroit: Become Human (Available on PS4) - 36 points

dwwaino'' said:
Usually I'm not into these sorts of things, I get bored without actual gameplay. I grabbed it when I saw it for only like $30 and it was a worthwhile purchase. I found I got really invested in the characters and the story and couldn't wait to start another playthrough. Haven't felt as bummed about finishing a story in a while as I just wanted it to keep going.

7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Available on Switch) - 57 points

Purple Suit said:
Went early before this game dropped. I hadn't played a fighting game for years and now I'm back on board thanks to this masterpiece.

6. Far Cry 5 (Available on PC, Xbox One & PS4) - 61 points

It's just flat out fun. Gun play some of the most fun I've had since Crysis.

5. Dead Cells (Available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Switch) - 68 points

Premiers04 said:
Another that could be seen as "oh look another 2D indie rogue-like" but like Celeste it's the challenging gameplay loop and super tight controls that make this one of my most played games this year. Scratches the same itch as Rogue Legacy did a few years back.
The Big Sauce said:
I remember hearing about it in early access last year so when it hit consoles I picked it up. I kept coming back to it over the course of the year to do the odd run. It will likely stay on my PS4 forever and I enjoy collecting the blueprints, etc.


4. Assassins Creed Odyssey (Available on PC, Xbox One & PS4) - 73 Points

dwwaino said:
The longer I played it the further it rose up my GOTY. There haven't been many single players games that after 30-40 hours I can put down, then pick up some time later for another 20 or so and repeating this for 100+ hours. This game is massive and has heaps to do for any completionist who loves a nice grind. I also particularly liked how much more mythology is weaved into history.
bulletride said:
Probably the most fun I had with a game this year, which surprised me considering I initially passed this off as a reskin of Origins which I enjoyed but didn't love. The map was probably too big and they could have fleshed out some aspects which didn't mean much in the conquest and mercenary systems but this world was a joy to explore. A rare game where I genuinely wanted to keep playing after finishing it.


3. Spiderman (Available on PS4) - 87 points

calyam said:
A very well made game. Strong narrative and excellent gameplay. When the final credits rolled it certainly felt like I'd played a great game. And yet something was missing. During my playthrough a number of other games came along that held my attention longer or distracted me from my Spiderman playthrough.
The Big Sauce said:
I'm kind of surprised by how high I have this given that most of its elements were generic open world tropes. But I played half of this before playing RDR2 and half of it after. The first half was fun with amazing movement, an interesting enough story and solid combat. But when I came back to it after RDR2 and how forced the pace was in that game I found a simplistic open world game with high movement options refreshing. The story in the second half is great, doesn't pull and punches and showcases the human side to Peter. It's a really strong effort and Insomniac's second best game this generation (Sunset Overdrive is still better, go play it).


2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Available on Xbox One & PS4) - 130 points

TheKanga said:
Rockstar games have created probably the most impressive open world to date.
It literally feels like the world is alive, it's filled with interesting (and weird) characters, varied wildlife and no shortage of side quests.
Visually the game is technically supreme, as is the audio/voice acting.
The narrative and writing keeps the main story enticing to the player.
Arthur Morgan is one of gaming's best protagonists.
Purple Suit said:
Masterpiece that would have be a lot closer to GOTY if it improved it's combat, systems and didn't force me to waste hours travelling.
bulletride said:
An incredible world, story and soundtrack and a true marvel as a pure technical achievement. My real criticism comes from Rockstar's insistence on carefully scripted linear mission design which is completely at odds with some of the emergent gameplay scenarios available in the open world. It often felt like a chore to play with the commitment to ultra realistic animations and the constant sections of forced exposition via horseback. Despite my criticisms it was still one of the best experiences I had this year which speaks to the overall strength of its other aspects.


1. God of War (Available on PS4) - 175 points

dwwaino said:
I loved everything about this game. The acting, art, environments, voices, story, the combat, and Christopher Judge. One of the best games I've played in the last few years.
bulletride said:
Easily the most complete package this year. A perfect example of how to re-imagine a franchise. Nails everything from its audio/video presentation, narrative, gameplay, and character development. That axe never got old.
Premiers04 said:
The older games are probably my all time favourite Playstation franchise so when they threw this into the current Sony first party template machine of 3rd person, over the shoulder, cinematic, action adventure game, I was concerned. Add a kid AI character and I was just about done, this wasn't my God Of War, but BOY! I didn't expect this to be so good whilst still maintaining the combat feel from the previous games. There's been 3 games I've played from start to end uninterrupted in 2018 (my top 3) and this was one of them, the pacing was spot on and never felt like it dragged along. Up there with Zelda BotW as game of the gen for me.


Full list of games and tally here:

Hollow Knight - 25
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 22
Celeste - 22
Into the Breach - 22
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - 21
Subnautica - 21
DQ XI - 20
Dragonball Fighter Z - 20
Pokemon Lets Go - 19
Ni No Kuni II - 14
Monster Hunter World - 13
Octopath Traveller - 13
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales - 13
FIFA 19 - 13
Life is Strange 2 - 12
Super Mario Party - 11
State of Decay 2 - 11
Yoko's Island Express - 10
Hitman 2 - 10
Fallout 76 - 10
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Torna: The Golden Country - 10
Dark Souls Remastered - 10
Tetris Effect - 10
Sea of Thieves - 10
The Forest - 10
Deltarune - 9
A Way Out - 9
SoTC - 8
Sunset Overdrive - 8
No Man's Sky - 6
Astro Bot Rescue Mission - 6
Spyro - 6
MLB The Show 18 - 6
Timespinner - 6
The Gardens Between - 5
Wolfenstein 2 - 4
Luigis Mansion - 4
Vampyr - 4
Two Point Hospital - 4
The Walking Dead: Final Season - 4
Just Cause 4 - 4
Yakuza Kiwami 2 - 4
Okami HD - 3
Overcooked 2 - 3
FFXII The Zodiac Age - 3
Battlefield V - 3
Blossom Tales - 2
Return of the Obra Dinn - 2
The Messenger - 2
State of Mind - 2
Frostpunk - 2
Hellblade: Sensua's Sacrifice - 2
Pillars of Eternity II - 1
Below - 1
Salt and Sanctuary - 1



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May 31, 2011
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Only thing holding RDR2 back for me is that the guns don't particularly feel satisfying to use.


Jun 25, 2011
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At the start of last year had someone told me that God of War would become GOTY just about everywhere in front of RDR2 I think I might have been surprised too. Now though it’s easy to understand why.

Not to say that RDR2 is bad at all because it’s definitely not, but GoW was just simply awesome in every regard. RDR2 is something that I personally would have loved as a movie or a series where as GoW is something that I want to play. If that makes any sense.


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Feb 17, 2006
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Red dead 2 is both the best and worst game I've played in the past few years.

The exploration, the level of detail to the world, the character development and the story are all out of this world good.
Almost some of the best I've ever played.

But the poor implementation & realisation of game mechanics, the controls, the linear and repetitive missions, the lack of fast travel, the terrible shooting and the lack of any meaningful reason to really do anything just sucks the life out of the entire experience for me.

I was really disappointed because it had just about every element of what could have been a perfect game, but fell so short in so many areas.

It's like the best polished turd ever created.

But anyway, thanks TheKanga for putting everything together, I've not played nearly enough games from 2018 to vote, but I like seeing these lists to find out what to play next.

I played the first hour or 2 of Ni No Kuni 2 and didn't fancy it much, but will delve back in.
I think coming from South Park: FBW is not ideal, it's very hard to take a game seriously after that, and Ni No Kuni 2 is already full of gaming tropes.


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Lol disappointed that none of my top 5 (Ni no Kuni, Dragonquest, Octopath, Valkyria Chronicles & Celeste) even made the top 10.

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