Contracted Brad Crouch [RFA 2020]

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May 18, 2015
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Hmmm very selective posting ! Why would you select the period between 2016 ? Why not just quote his career ?
Keath & Greenwood have both asked to be traded so not sure how they would be 'desperate' to stay when they have asked to be traded

Crouch will sign but it wont be for $700k to stay at the crows when he will be a FA next year and with another good season he could get close to 900k from a club thats desperate for his type and clubs pay more when no trade is required.

Jenkins being pushed out could become a big problem for Crows if he is not at another club with the remaining dollars in his contract being paid by the crows
and looking more and more likely the betts deal is done for a 50/50 slip in his salary being shared
They asked to be traded after Adelaide didn't give them a contract with the amount of years they wanted as the guy you quoted clearly stated. He used from 2016 because that's since he's been healthier and being more recent is better than being less recent... you have no idea how much crouch will sign for or how much we pay of Jenkins and Betts. If we're paying Betts its to get more currency from the trade.

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Dec 24, 2008
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You see this is where i see a big character flaw in Brad crouch and would hate for my team to have a player like this or to go after a player like Crouch

The Adelaide crows made a massive investment in him with the pick they aquired to draft him and 7 years into his 83 game career where he has been constantly injured and been paid well to sit in rehab whilst collecting good coin and his club supporting him then he produces 1 good years and wins the B & F then even though the club that supported him is going through the most challenging period of its history with a year remaining on his contract still he is out trying to whore himself to the highest bidder - Now is it me or is this not the type of player that should be sitting on a list
I’ll cut against the grain and risk the wrath of fellow supporters.

If I’m honest I’m not thrilled with the way his management have conducted themselves this trade period.

Brad has had good long term deals pretty much all the way through. A lot of time injured.

Frankly I find it disappointing that, at a time the club could use some unity from a star player, we have him seemingly shopping himself.

Anyway what will be will be.

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