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Mar 24, 2018
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This country is hard work sometimes.

I’m English and looking at buying my first car here in Australia. I live in Melbourne and the car is in Sydney, registered in NSW.

This is a private sale.

The car has a RWC and Rego. It’s valued at about 20k.

Can someone please outline the procedure for how I go about buying the car and getting it registered here in Victoria. I’m flying up there and driving it home so I need insurance etc sorted straight away.

I’m also blown away that you need to pay stamp duty on a used car. Does that get paid to NSW or Vic?

Thanks to anyone who can help!


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Stamp duty on the transfer gets paid in NSW.

If you’re transferring insurance from another vehicle, most insurers will be able to do it instantly over the phone - they will just send you a bill for any difference in premium.

If you’re setting up new insurance you can do it in advance, exactly the same as you would with your own car. Just make sure you have all the details of the new car on hand.

Switching over the rego to Victoria is pretty straightforward, you just book an appointment online. You have (I think) six months’ grace to make the change.

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It's not an easy process.

Last time I sold a car insterstate, I cancelled the registration in Victoria and registered it into the buyers name in NSW with a NSW roadworthy (which was easy because I was living up there at the time).

If you're buying interstate, the simplest way is to buy it off them unregistered in NSW and then have it registered in Vic with a Victorian RWC. The problem with this is that you've got to be fairly confident the car will pass a roadworthy inspection though as it's now your risk, not the sellers.

What are you buying, if I may ask? If you're not getting something rare or an unbelievably good deal it might not be worth getting it interstate

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