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    Trying to keep a list of court dates for cases that have caught the interest on the crimes board.

    If you know of any more, or as others become known or any updates please let us know in this thread or tag us in the case thread

    April 2, Riversde (US) 10 year old nazi father murderer, sentencing hearing Appears Currently Supressed
    April 8, Luke Magnotta – the Lin Jun murder – Montreal, preliminary resumption

    June 19 - Adrian Bayley, Jill Meagher Murder, sentancing
    June 20 – Scarsdale teenager murder – Darren Wilson and Joel Henderson, Commital Mention, Ballarat Magistrates Court
    June 25 – Streeter Brothers murder – Ross Streeter Commital Mention Melbourne Magistrates
    June 26, Steven Hunter, Sarah Cafferky Murder, Sentencing, Victorain Supreme Court
    July 23 – Keli Lane Appeal Hearing, NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, Sydney
    August 5 - Dylan Closter – Rye Bashing Manslaughter, Committal Hearing, Melbourne Magistrates
    August 5: Joan Ryther brief due to magistrate

    August 11: Oscar Pistourious – Indictment hearing, South Africa (Adjourned June 4)

    Unknown/Yet to be determined
    – Llloyd Rayney, Appeal hearing, Appeals Court Western Australia
    Brett Cowan, The Daniel Morecome Murder, Trial Supreme Court Queensland
    Gerard Baden Clay, Murder, Trial, Queensland Supreme Court
    Demarquise Elkins, Brusnkwick Georgia baby shooting, Georgia US (preliminry likely Glynn County)
    Amanda Knox, Appeals Court Retrial, Florence Italy
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    Mark Marshall 19 April Application for Release

    Agreed to a further 6 month individually focused counselling regime/program. To be determined after that date . ie Oct 2016

    Mark Marshall has , through the Mulligan Enquiry made allegations spanning 3-4 decades against SA Police , his own family members ( see Ratcliffe/Gordon story) and prison officers
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