Darwin Game Gawn!!!

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 12, 2013
AFL Club
Good news. But I guess we keep the Alice game for the foreseeable future so that we don't have to host a game at Docklands. Hopefully by the time we possibly stop playing in the NT altogether we've got a big enough membership base that they don't try and make us play a home game at Docklands.
Collingwood, Richmond and Hawthorn also play home games at Docklands.

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Premiership Player
Nov 17, 2016
AFL Club
Nothing wrong with Docklands.

Although now i think about it, the minute we start playing home games there again is when we start our next losing streak again
I feel we’re a better side at Docklands than the MCG, so that’s part of the reason why I would be fine with a home game there. In saying that, we have to improve our ability to play at the MCG. If we want to be a very good side, we need to become very hard to beat at our home ground. It’s important for our fortunes going forward if we can do that and turn the MCG into a serious home ground advantage for us. Anyway, I’m pleased we’re not playing a home game in Darwin anymore.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 30, 2007
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Warney's IPL team!
The contrast between the two NT games was staggering.

On one hand you have Alice Springs, a beautiful ground with warm dry weather and a ground we generally play well.

Then you have Darwin, always a sh*t show of a spectacle with humidity, slippery footballs and a ground we generally play poorly. Not to mention the last quarters the next week.

Good call by the club. My only issue now is that we actually suck at the MCG under Goodwin so the extra game might not actually help us on the field.
Completely agree, i've been to both grounds to watch us play. In 2013 at Darwin against the lions and 2015 at Alice against Port. We got beaten badly both times, take out the horrid years upto 2016 the Darwin games have always been scratching even the few games we did win there. But the Alice games have been much better viewing and we've played some better footy there.

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