Universal Love David Teague

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Premiership Player
Oct 9, 2015
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Miami Heat, Manchester United
Something Teague said very early on in the piece that should make most of us happy - He alluded to open training sessions being back on the agenda.
Does anyone remember that, as it seemed to be a slight backhander to Bolton?

Well done David. Keep the wins coming and FFS, do something about the NB's :)
I remember Bolton's first season, practically the whole summer was open training sessions. What happened since then

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 1, 2014
AFL Club
Some people just have an innate ability to galvanize and grow establishments.

Guy Russo was that type who went to Kmart from McDonald's, who he turned around and did the same with Kmart. Made them industry leaders.

One thing noticeable he did, compared to the previous CEO was he didn't have an office and sat with everyone and always mingled with them. It's the most invaluable tool in modern society these days I feel to be able to relate and communicate at everyone's level.

Teague is that sort of leader. Happy Chappy I am.

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Blue and Blue

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 29, 2018
On the glory road
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You little beauty.

I felt that David is the right one the moment he took over but to have it confirmed is magnificent.

I could tell you why but it would take pages and pages. And I was a staunch Bolton supporter. Yet something changed and in that first Teague coached game there was my Carlton. The way we play that I had not seen in decades.

Well done CFC.
I am so proud of our club.


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 30, 2010
AFL Club
Who else is looking forward to the Big Footy pissing contests in 20 years time?

"You can't say Teague is the best coach, he's always had the best list."

"More Premierships than anyone else. GOAT"

"My grandmother could have coached that list to 5 straight flags"


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