Rumour Dodor-out?

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Apr 12, 2006
Outeniqua Mountains
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Newcastle Utd, Miami Dolphins
Lloyd’s pick 4 and 8 for Daniher deal that seems to keep lobbing up? If anyone could, surely Jackets Dodoro as a parting gift?
If dodo reckons we’re handing over 2 top 10 picks for banged up Joey he’s on better gear than jakey Carlisle ever was...

Clearly has never dealt with the Swannies

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Maximum Praxis
Oct 2, 2011
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West Coast
With today's rate cut that is 75k a year before tax, most people aim higher than that.

For what is worth I hope he stays at Essington for ever. He's responsible for that list of pea hearts they masquerade as a football team.
Based on what math?

How old is he? Lets say he lives 30-35 more years. Assuming he already has assets and other savings, 330K per year even with inflation is no small amount.