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Drone Operator Career

Discussion in 'Education and Employment' started by Balony_pony16, Sep 6, 2018.

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    I’m a paramedic and am constantly thinking of things to do on the side and/or a different career to fall back on down the track. For some reason if been thinking about Drone Operator career even if just in my spare time to start with.

    I’ll be honest and say I know very little about this and if it is even viable. But would love advice and general thoughts on this in today’s climate and Into the future

    A few thoughts
    - license requirements?
    - type of work?
    - thinking video & photography, so should I look at upskilling in video/photo editing etc.
    - Is there currently enough work?
    - what does the future hold in the industry?
    - is it self employed or can you actually get a job?
    - General Drone advice (brands etc)

    Really any thoughts and advice would be great


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    The license is ******* expensive and its done through a very serious process. Real estate / property and council or government would be your main money givers.

    I know my area now has plenty of competition which has only come from the past 2 years. It would be more of a niche which suits best a suplement to a marketing or creative agency rather than being just a "drone flyer".

    There is nothing stopping you from getting a drone and getting footage on weekends and learning the ropes, you can fly for free "just cannot earn money doing it without the license"
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