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Entering the forward 50

Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by runningfree, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. runningfree

    runningfree Draftee

    Gold Coast
    Mar 15
    Hey guys! Been injured this year so have taken a step towards coaching for the time being!

    Lost on the weekend by 80 points, fairly standard scoreline so far this year apart from 1 lone victory. The scoreline doesnt seem indicative though as we only had 6 less forward entries. 31-25. We only managed 8 shots on goal though as they managed 17.
    This seems to of been the theme for the year, does any one have any ideas on correcting it?

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  2. cptkirk

    cptkirk Premiership Player

    Oct 09
    st kilda east
    Very hard to say without seeing but forwards and on ballers all need to b on the same page - literally

    Unfortunately winning probably isn't on the cards most of the time for you but it gives you some room to try stuff you might not do if you were going for finals etc

    Positioning when the ball is coming in is important as that will depend what space is open for the on ballers to see coming in and also is a no brainer for the forwards to lead into at the same time like keeping the fat side open etc

    You could focus on 1 thing per game and see how each of them goes
  3. Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

    Drugs Are Bad Mackay? Moderator

    May 06
    Car 55
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    When you have a team that is thin on talent it's tempting to put your best players in the middle and defence - figuring that's where the ball will be.

    It's a protective mechanism to prevent getting blown apart. Means that it's bloody hard to score goals though, regardless of supply. Also means their defenders run off with confidence.

    IMO if you're going to lose anyway (which sounds like it will be the case) then flip it around. Put your guns up forward or in the middle. Duds to defence.
  4. Aeglos

    Aeglos Club Legend

    Sep 16
    Croydon station
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    What age group are you coaching?
  5. 10571z

    10571z Norm Smith Medallist

    Aug 06
    Christmas Hills
    Without knowing to much about your situation

    1. Lower the eyes. Practice this at training. 15/20m chip/stab pass to a leading forward. To many times inexperienced footballers try and pull of impossible kicks to forwards on leads or bomb it in straight to the opposition.

    The forward needs to push off their opponent and step towards the ball carrier. Pushing off should gives you a 1/2m head start and over a 15/20m kick is all you need. Stop trying to hit these 30/40m lead passes which rarely come off in a bad side

    2. Have a "get out" option if there isn't anything on. Watch the hawthorn of old who did it all the time and scrap a goal. No leads on? Kick it very high 20m out to the top of the square. Let the biggest players fly and teach the crumbers to stay down and force a goal.

    With this kick the opposition should have zero chance of an uncontested mark. Your whole team should know the kick is going to this spot and clear it out allowing the taller players to run and jump at it. It should be high enough you can easily close to the contest. You need to have players down there who can scrap a goal. Tackling is very important in this situation. Fight tooth and nail.
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