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Hex - MMA fights in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Combat Sports - UFC, MMA, Boxing, and More' started by Macpotata, Nov 7, 2018.

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    I watched some on Fox last night. I think his name is Alex George, European looking or middle Eastern. I'm pretty sure I've seen him fight before on it. Anyway, must say I really enjoyed his style and liked his character. He was crazy, ruthless, in your face and has a F--- You attitude. I like that when it comes to throwing down. The guy had him in an ankle/achilles lock and Alex was giving him the finger saying big deal campaigner. Diaz like. He's only 23 years of age too so he has plenty of time. HEX obviously isn't UFC standard by any stretch, but I thought I'd pay the kid his dues. As a fighter, I like what he possesses.

    His boldness is awesome, but could also be his downfall if he gets too reckless like when he let his opponent off the hook and back into the fight at one point. He did that earlier on too, but that time wanted to go to to toe looking for a clean finish and didn't want to risk getting clinched on the cage as he had his opponent dazed. All in all I'm a big fan and can tell his had his fair share of scraps on the street.

    He's a hard campaigner.

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    I try and watch Hex whenever they can great for Aussie MMA but I find there tix a tad expensive for what it is, on fox commentary is a bit cringy but you get that
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