Toast Jaeger O'Meara: 4 more years.

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Leather Poisoning

Jun 19, 2007
On the south side now
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Holy s**t Wayne. Such a plank of wood.

No longer a destination club?
- Notice Wingard and Scully picked us last year? And Scrimshaw. There hasn't been a trade period since then.
- In the mean time - just today I've seen a "Patton to Hawthorn done and dusted" rumour on an AFL site and news that Brad Hill wants to return to Hawthorn after asking to return last year.

What a fu**in *******.


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Apr 14, 2002
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It's Wayne, two premiership Wayne... at Hawthorn you don't even get nominated for team of the century if you can't play in 3 premierships. (Not entirely true based on our first one but you'll get the gist shortly as my rant continues)

At Wayne's world 2 premierships is the greatest achievement of your life apart from rooting your vice captain's missus and we'll call it politely picking on your wife when your 4 times the size of her. Sick and tired of players from unsuccessful clubs thinking winning a larger percentage of their incompetent clubs premierships means they are better than blokes like Chris Mew who were first picked (according to Allan Jeans) and won a lazy 5 premierships while managing not to root their vice captains's missus or standing over their much smaller wife.

The reason you only won one or two is becasuse you and your team was sh*t. But in the bigger scheme of things because your club was sh*t, your supporters have very little else to compare too, so overrate you compared to clubs that are successful that they don't barrack for... and that's why you do media... because you also can't coach.

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Nov 9, 2007
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Don't worry about about Carey, he's still bitter about his club's plight. We just need to put this little stat up from time to time to shut him up...

Number of flags since both clubs joined VFL/AFL in 1925;

Norf - 4
Hawks - 13
He shat so badly in the nest at Arden St, it really has never recovered. HE is the reason that club isnt a destination club. What a cancer he is.
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