Toast Jeff Garlett

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Nov 18, 2018
AFL Club
to get to where he did after his personal struggles - sure he was conditional but he got to the summit from places most of us couldn't even imagine - plus he got to bury richmond off his own boot in 2013 (?).........

On top of that I remember his resolve. I remember reading an article where it mentioned that this skinny little rookie listed player was asked by the club (I think by one of the coaches) what his aims were for that year and he responded that he fully intended to play in round one. This was an outrageous prediction at the time that no-one thought remotely possible but he replaced Robbie Warnock on the long term injury list and duly played in that round one game against Richmond and scored a goal with his first kick in league football. Talk about beating the odds.

Loved him as a player and that he has been able to overcome considerable adversity in his life. Hope he has a successful and happy life after football.

(What are the chances that our newly listed rookie players could make the same transition into the side?)

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Yes to avocado
Feb 13, 2011
Bathing in avocados
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Still remember his first couple games in the pre-season cup, was this incredibly raw skinny kid, but you could see the talent right away. Was marking things a skinny raw kid had no right to and his set shots were iffy, had they not been he could have kicked a mini bag in his first game probably, but you just knew he had something.

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