Universal Love Kreuzer announces Retirement

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Premiership Player
Dec 1, 2009
AFL Club
Class right to the end

If not for the multitude of injuries, he really could have been one of the great ruckmen of the game

An absolute gentleman, but warrior, that always gave his all for the club

I hope he remains at the club in some capacity

Calling time on his own career, solidifies the character of the man
Spot on. A real competitor and warrior who gave his all for the club, and an absolute gentleman.

I remember going to preseason training a few years ago and the big man holding open the gate with a smile as my wife and I walked through....

Thank you, and all the very best for the future Kruz.


Club Legend
Mar 30, 2018
AFL Club
It seems like a lot of the key Ratten era of players maintain a really strong connection to the club and with each other, something you don’t usually see with teams that didn’t go on to win premierships.
This is absolutely true ... been to many barbecues and the boys from that era are still very close knit ... even CJ makes the occasional appearance ...


Premiership Player
Nov 11, 2015
AFL Club
This was as good as any of them...

For us younger folk, born in the mid 90s and after, this was honestly the zenith of our Carlton supporting life.

The finals wins and smashing Collingwood in 2012 are also up there.

Kreuz’s untapped potential in some way symbolises our own experiences as younger supporters.

Just wanna send him off in front of a packed MCG and hear Kreuuuuuuuzz one more time 😭

But we can’t and we’ll find another way to give him a proper send off.
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Team Captain
Sep 10, 2010
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Man Utd, Boston Celtics
I never left a game thinking Kreuz didn't leave everything out there on the park. He was a throwback to Carlton legends of old. It was a shame his body let him down as there was a time where I was thinking he could reinvent the Ruck position given his tank and ability around the ground.


Team Captain
Feb 17, 2020
AFL Club
It seems like a lot of the key Ratten era of players maintain a really strong connection to the club and with each other, something you don’t usually see with teams that didn’t go on to win premierships.
Huge moment that was ingrained in all memories. For all the wrong reasons. What we could of been under ratten

Just Kreuzing

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 22, 2008
Mamba Style !!
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Really sad day, Came on here years ago and had to decide on a username and chose my username because I wanted to ensure it was something related to a very good player and someone who would be a blue for life and here for a long time.

This bloke knocked back big offers from Collingwood & GWS and probably many other clubs to ensure he remained a 1 club player.

Tried his guts out every time he took the field and often whilst he was under duress with his body either carrying injuries or returning from injury.

If we had all of our players demonstrate the same traits every time they take the field our gameday & autopsy threads would be vastly different as would our win/loss record.

Thanks for all you have done Big Kreuze, Hopefully you can stick around and find a mentoring or coaching role assisting our next young champion ruckman who looks to have an exciting future.


The Avo King
Feb 13, 2011
Bathing in avocados
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I'm in a similar boat to Mebby. Tractor has always been one of my favourite players of all time.

Absolute gem of a bloke from all accounts and his heart and soul was massive onfield. One of the most fair and genuine ball players you'll ever see. He could bulldoze through opposition mids and make a path for ours, without a single hint of malice or intent to harm. One of the least deserving blokes ever to be so injury cruelled, but such is life sometimes :(

He deserves to go on and do whatever he wishes, but if in some capacity he would like to do any assistant work at the club it would be massive. Quiet bloke though and a bit of a different cat so he may not wish to, which is fine.

Love ya big guy.


Hall of Famer
Oct 15, 2008
AFL Club
We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun :)

I recall being at training on a hot day in 2012? when the whole group were mustered together in preparation for a beep test, as it was then.
One of the first out was McCarthy who spread-eagled himself onto the ground and told everyone that he was duly f’ed.....Kreuzer kept going...and going.
Kreuzer was still involved when we were down to the last few players, was glowing red and gasping for the big ones before he couldn't go any more.

There we had a ruckman who lasted longer than most midfielders and not all thanks to his tank, but for his heart and the never say die attitude.

What can one say other than a big Thank You?

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