What the heck? Laidley interested in coaching Eagles AFLW

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Dani owned up to the stalking, said that they were in a bad place during their transition and had since wanted to tell their story as a cautionary tale for others.

In a sport full of people with all sorts of backgrounds who’ve had to navigate their sexual identity and hurdles to get where they are there’s probably no more qualified person than Laidley to be involved.

It’s all about whether people are willing to forgive her for her history.

Like how fans now get banned for life if they make a racist comment I think there should be a zero tolerance policy for violent behaviour towards woman considering what a massive societal issue it is. But similar to Wayne Carey there are rules for some and rules for the rest.

That being said it's fantastic that woman are getting more opportunities in a largely male dominated industry.
Genuine question: is disagreement about what pronouns to use bannable? There is a big argument in the community over this topic... is there a rule here?

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