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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 17, 2009
AFL Club
No way. I love the JJ, went to both games v the snakes in Cairns and went looking for Victorians here at school to hang s**t on this morning...! Someone posted the proposed Tas A League jumper from several years ago, and it was beautiful. But an AFL side? No comparison. I'd be thinking the inclusion of a team in spite of the hostility it's always faced from mainlanders and the AFL would be a great motivation to get truly nasty as supporters...!

Given the AFL/AFLTas still do SFA in schools, given they destroyed the Women's state league when they'd pushed to start it. Given they said they didn't even know Burnie & Devonport were leaving the TSL. Clearly they don't care about now or the future of the game here. How TF do we give the kids a decent pathway that doesn't include leaving the state to play in VFL/SANFL or wherever.

How are we to grow the numbers playing the game? Also how are we to develop players to AFL standard now or into the future. These kids are losing interest in the AFL. Whether as players or later on as supporters, they won't be their in the future


Premiership Player
Mar 21, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
South Launceston, Tassie Tigers
Needs to be part of the mandate of the new team. The AFL has always viewed Tassie as a zone for recruitment no different to Ballarat, Broome or Broken Hill. They are also just head office, and AFL Tas is their puppet. All mainland states have AFL sides generating bucks via games and TV dividends, while we rely on handouts as recruitment zones. Not really sure what the current sides do for development in their own states, although I do recall the Lions being quite active in Brisbane when I lived there. WA and SA leagues are funded by the four AFL sides. We get the odd Hawk or Kanga clinic. I'd bet a new team would be quite active in lower grade Tasmanian footy...

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