TV Mark Howard

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Jun 2, 2013
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The Exers
What do people make of him?

I admit I feared when I heard he was going to start doing AFL games on Fox as I never rated his cricket commentary, but I actually find him quite decent. He's not incredible or anything but does the basics pretty well, knows when to get excited, is free of the cliqued BS that BT, Dwayne and Bruce pull and is relatively mistake free. A pretty nice find with Papalia and Speed quasi out of action.

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Apr 5, 2016
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I think he's probably the third-best commentator on Fox Footy behind Hudson and McGuire. Really happy he's there.


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Jul 29, 2009
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Brisbane Lions
Yep a tick from me also. Calls the play well (although called Fiorini twice for the Suns v Sydney on the weekend when he wasn't in the team - did correct himself the second time) and at a good level. Does spend a bit too much time bowling a pie to Brereton for him to reminisce about old times a bit too much but overall FAR from the worst calling at the moment.

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Ok Boomer

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Jul 27, 2015
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West Coast
I much prefer his AFL work to his cricket work. Maybe he is similar to Brayshaw in this regard. Yeah, he sucks up to stars too much but the "I can't believe who I am working with act" kinda makes him relatable.

He is certainly not my favourite caller, and doesn't have my favourite voice but isn't painful to listen to like a lot of the channel 7 operators.


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Sep 29, 2016
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Surprised anyone could rate Dwayne Russell so highly.
I dont, just ranking the ones you said and i think Russell is on par with Eddie. I dont rate Eddie either.

My list of callers would stop at Howard really, maybe Papalia as someone said above.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 28, 2001
The Sea of Holes
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Can't stand him as a cricket caller, especially how he's a shameless sycophant. He's like a bad combo of Drew Morphett and Janes Brayshaw with his 'gee whiz' attitude to the game and fawning over his colleagues at every opportunity.

That said, he's a bit less tedious with AFL because there's far less opportunity compared with cricket to ask his co-commentators for his autograph.

Overall, he's just another example of the terrible standard of sports commentary in this country.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 25, 2017
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Brisbane Lions
So far so good to be honest. He's more Papalia than Dwayne which is a good start. He seems less of a sychophant when calling the footy too relative to his cricekt commentary.

If there's no scope for a Mark Howard drinking game or Mark Howard bingo game in the next few years, that can only be a good thing. You could play bingo and drinking games with BT and Dwayne and they're two of the more annoying commentators on TV. You can't do that with Adam Papalia and Brenton Speed for instance.


Brownlow Medallist
Dec 21, 2012
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Howie is a better version of Andy Maher. He does suck up to his co-commentators but other than that he's quite good.

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