Racing November Daily Punt - Meech Scratched By RV Stewards after CT scan reveals aneurysm

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Jan 30, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Someone has to point out your horror calls given you never admit when you are wrong
Still happy with the Railway ratings, that will annoy you to no extent but he wasn't ever a firm rating last week or today and I was fairly open about that. 3 starts back, Regal Power only nosed him out so that's not an absurd stance.

He's gone on my ratings this prep 85, 81, 81 had him in for 83.5 last week. 80 today, 85.0 would have had him beat 1L last week. He's gone about 77 today so would have been beat around 4L last week but last week is not this week.

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May 2, 2018
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Hopefully all horses get a decent run in the winterbottom,unlikely but you never know.The way a lot of fancied nags have ran today has me doubting trekking but good luck to it.
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