Strategy Official 2021 Planning Thread

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Jul 14, 2010
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Don't think there will be too many people around the place that will be disappointed to see the back of the year 2020, for numerous reasons.

Time to think positively about what the future holds beyond this horrible year. I'll be posting in this thread under the assumption that 2021 will be a normal season, with normal length games. The reality is though that we are a long way from knowing if that will be the case.

Should be some good forward options next year. Players I expect to have forward status: Ladhams, Rohan Marshall (surely solo ruck again next year. Paddy is 33yo), Fyfe, Dangerfield to name a few. Expect Brayshaw, Trac and Simpkin to be mids only. NFI about whether Dusty keeps Forward eligibility.

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May 21, 2013
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Going to be very interesting next year with starting prices. At the end of each quarter, they're upscaling almost every player.
Would Neale be averaging 140 if this was a normal season with 20 minute quarters? Maybe he would be averaging 130.
Big jumps in for Maynard and Haynes. Improvement or is it completely due to the shorter quarters and upscaling?
Overall they've done a decent job getting similar scores/averages, but the extra upscaling has screwed the averages of some players up no doubt.


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Jun 2, 2013
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Yeah it's worth looking at the sort of players the shortened quarters have affected and those who have gotten more out of it.

Trying to look at standard deviations etc for players. With the shorter season an outlier from someone could impact their average by 3-4 points which might be a significant difference in cash. Also it means you should start with players who rarely score under 100 (Seagull, Macrae, Neale) but maybe avoid those a bit less consistent (Bont, Dusty)

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Feb 7, 2017
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Lukosius, Howe, Milera, Taylor.
Rowell, Lyons, Bolton.

Add a bit of
Worrell, Stocker, Bianco, Valente, Golds, Mead, C-Dawkins, Dow.

Garnish with Neale, Gawndy types.

Voila. Bon appetit. 😎

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