Pat Allen from Donald Osteitis Pubis

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May 17, 2019
AFL Club
Hi all

I am trying to get in touch with Pat Allen from the town of Donald in VIC, who is known to cure OP Osteitis Pubis. My wife went to see him about 10 years ago and in one visit helped her instantly. We have his contact details, but just goes to voice message and a request not to sms or leave voice messages and only to call between 9am-3pm. I have his home number also which just rings out..

Has anyone seen him recently ? does he have a new number ? I imagine he would be 80 by now and have read that back in 2017 someone had gone to see him, so i was still practising a few years ago.

any help with finding the Man with the magic hands would be appreciated.

My wife is in a lot of pain and needs to see him or someone like him that may know his techniques

in case you are wondering yes she is already seeing someone, but it isn't looking great..

Cheers !!


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 15, 2007
Socialist Leper Colony
AFL Club
Garry Miritis was the OP guru in melbourne but looks like he's retired too.

Might be worth looking up his old clinic Waverley Massage Therapy in Mount Waverley to see if he trained up anyone down there.

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