Competitions Player Advocates 2021 - Draft Thread

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Aug 17, 2015
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St Kilda
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Philadelphia Eagles Liverpool
Alright everyone so whilst we have around 30 people, I think we should get this underway in time for the new year.

If people want to join as a player advocate during the draft that's fine, I will add you to the bottom of the draft order. Similarly if you want another pick, I'll add you to the bottom of the draft order however posters that want to join will take precedence over you.

Please refer to this thread for more information - Player Advocates 2021

Each member has 24 hours to vote from the time the last vote was placed. If still no selection has been made after 24 hours, the pick will skip to the next person and the member who missed the deadline will be moved to the end of the list. Happy also for you to trade your pick(s) with others if you can be bothered. Apart from this there is one other rule - if you pester or nag someone to make their pick and they are within the 24 hour window given, you will be removed from the draft. We only need to tag someone once. If they don't make their pick, the next person will be tagged in this thread to make their pick instead. Hope this is clear.

Your post should look similar to this;

I select x player
@George it's your turn

Seems to be quite a theme of the last few years, but Brains Trust66 is always super active with not only his player advocates but other players who have advocates that haven't been updating their thread. Because of this, he will again receive the 1st pick. As for the rest, I have randomised the list of participants for 2021 using an online random list generator.

Here is the 2021 Player Advocates Draft order;

Draft Order & Selections:
1. (PP) Brains Trust66 - 45. Sam Alabakis
2. giddyupgumby - 22. Jack Higgins
3. ZedNotZee - 44. Callum Wilkie
4. Hubnester - 12. Max King
5. pebblesofsand - 29. Jimmy Webster
6. BrutThough - 15. Jack Billings
7. salt3d - 24. James Frawley
8. CursingFijian - 37. Leo Connolly
9. XhazzafootyX - 5. Brad Crouch
10. dct66 - 23. Jack Bytel
11. Ads734 - 1. Nicholas Coffield
12. Gresh_Magic - 32. Tom Highmore
13. Keg still on legs - 11. Hunter Clark
14. Dr Spaceman - 19. Rowan Marshall
15. Squirtles - 33. Ben Paton
16. Significant - 31. Ryan Byrnes
17. goodie23 - 20. Dougal Howard
18. jonathons11 - 38. Oscar Clavarino
19. Gershwin - 26. Josh Battle
20. prophetic1 - 30. Matthew Allison
21. Grav - 9. Jack Steele
22. Saint_Dos - 18. Patrick Ryder
23. saintkildaman - 7. Luke Dunstan
24. crinkoes - 4. Jade Gresham
25. lewdogs - 21. Ben Long
26. Brains Trust66 - 6. Sebastian Ross
27. borderbarry - 10. Dan Hannebery
28. Saint_Dos - 2. Jake Carlisle
29. BrutThough - 35. Jack Sinclair
30. Verdun - 8. Brad Hill
31. SaintersUnite - 28. Tim Membrey
32. Grav - 16. Dan Butler
33. Armitage2Riewoldt - 3. Zak Jones
34. pebblesofsand - 14. Jarryn Geary
35. Gershwin - 13. Jack Lonie
36. Kildonan - 39. Darragh Joyce
37. BigMonty - 36. Daniel McKenzie
38. lewdogs - 27. Shaun McKernan
39. Phoenix_9 - 17. Dylan Roberton
40. SaintersUnite - 25. Dean Kent

Players Remaining:
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Aug 17, 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Philadelphia Eagles Liverpool
Just a quick note that Connor has missed his pick twice and if he misses a third time he will be removed from the draft in order for us to finish.

Hubnester can you update when you get a chance please mate and also include Monty's pick even though it was a few selections premature - if anyone wants Dan McKenzie before he was supposed to pick then Monty will have to pick again.


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Brains Trust66

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 31, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Poor Dean Kent lol, no love for him .

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Premium Platinum
Jun 4, 2008
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St Kilda
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Arsenal, Portland Trailblazers
I'll take Shaun McKernan. Quite bullish on him.


Premiership Player
Feb 12, 2010
AFL Club
St Kilda
I’ll take Dylan Roberton, AA squad caliber player in his prime, any chance he can get back his best!?
I don’t think we have anyone to take Kent. Any takers?

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