Powderfinger should have been Massive!

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 18, 2006
AFL Club
The second disc on the Odyssey Number 5 anniversary is pretty good! All the b-sides are decent.

I got in the habit of buying singles back in the day to get bsides of pearl jam and powderinger - pre download days etc (or I didn't know how to )

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 6, 2015
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West Coast
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Pelicans, Perf Wildcats
They should have been bigger overseas though Powderfinger, they just lacked that breakthrough hit.

They were better than Jet but they had the breakthrough hit.

The same with You Am I in the 90s, they were the best rock band in Australia but Silverchair were bigger in the States.

Silverchair had the breakthrough hit though and they looked like Nirvana.

Hi Fi Way is a far better album than Frogstomp but Tim Rogers wasn't a teenager that looked like Kurt Cobain, he was a much harder sell.
Frankly it's pretty absurd to pit those two albums (and bands) up against each other

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