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Jun 24, 2011
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As long as we're on the topic of AFL YouTuber's, Cados' new video has just come out:

This is how he ranks the logos:

View attachment 702473

This is how I rank them:

View attachment 702474

Any thoughts? The link to make your own tier is here: https://tiermaker.com/create/afl-logos-43677

Swans: Everything that it represents is so good. The opera house, the Bloods' V and the nickname.

Blues: Love it, but sometimes it looks too wide to me.
Saints: Timeless. Classy.
Eagles: The best effort for a bird head logo.

Bombers: Has been around so long, but is only now starting to show its age.
Tigers: (On second thought I should have put this under C). Nothing offensively bad, but just not great.
Pies: Good update to their older logo, but they should have used the older, meaner magpie on their 150th logo.
Giants: Their whole branding is underrated, the logo's no exception.
Dockers: Good shield, good monogram, good idea executed well.
Demons: Monograaaam. But the shield is a bit off for me. Bring back the mid 2000s logo with the Demon and the fire that looks like an M.
Port: Like the Sydney logo, can see what it represents but not as good. And like the Essendon logo, update time.

Crows: Generic bird head, dislike the two tone blue.
Cats: Alright. Weird inclusion of the cat in the hoops. The secondary logo is at least an A though.
Lions: Again, meh. But so much better than their 2000s gradient-infested logo.
Hawks: Meh.
Bulldogs: Cricket Australia shield, the doggo is average too.

GC: Self explanatory
North: Pretty s**tty all round.


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Sep 16, 2016
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There's this youtube channel called "UrinatingTree" who makes these videos analysing NFL/NBA team in a funny and entertaining way. SBNation also has several sport series covering topics of interesting weird rules, high scores and the collapse of various American sport powerhouses.

There's a completely untapped market on this kind of content for AFL, which is a direction I'd like to take given enough time.
Speaking of time, I actually began making a video called "Haters Guide to the 2017 AFL Finals", a parody of that UrinatingTree's videos going through all the teams who made the finals with an overall comical tone, though I never got around to doing it. Maybe this year will be different :)

I'm basically trying to capture that AFL Meme culture (borderline s**tposting) crowd. Will probably turn out cringe.
This video was timed well

As a sidenote Calo, can you possibly change your bio pic? Giving me nightmares atm :'(


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May 19, 2012
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Oct 21, 2010
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It will suck for the clubs but it'll be cool for the board. That period of mayhem around BLK was a pretty interesting time on here!
It would be funny if ISC picked up a lot of the BLK contracts, went bust themselves so XBlades who also picked up a few, picked join the rest and then went bust

Going by Storms post, there is sweet fu** all in it for a manufacturer


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Oct 3, 2013
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We could be part of the silly season as well, because our three year deal with Cotton On runs out this year, and as far as I know we haven't signed any new deals yet

I'm fairly certain that the club will continue on with Cotton On though, especially because of the strong links to the Geelong community
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