Autopsy Rd 22 Carlton v Essendon Rant Thread *Trolls & Lurking Likers will be carded*

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imagine selwwod ablett jack swan pendlebury 40 out in front in a big moment would they miss???????
our b grade chokers do
have for 5 years
they call them coach killers
Thanks Malthouse for making my decision to NOT buy a membership next year an easy one. Until we get a game plan that doesn't involve hitting the boundary line and turning the ball over constantly you can forget about getting my money. Your game plan is neither successful in the modern age of football nor is it entertaining. As a paying member I demand one or the other. At least with attending Bulldogs games with my girlfriend I am at least ensured of a red hot effort and an entertaining crack of a game. They may get their ass handed to them occasionally and lose more than they win but at least you know that they're headed somewhere. I've not once gotten that from following our beloved Blues this year. We're headed neither up nor down. We're a middling team playing to a crap game plan and when the other team brings a heart-filled performance we go to water. No thanks. I'd rather support you from my seat at home, communicate with the other fans on here than to put my money into the club supporting that.


oh so you only want to be a member when we win
not long ago we were almost bankrupt and winning spoons
Thank the good lord most of us kept shoveling money in just to turn it around.
Try netball
Sitting in the stands as I write this. I knew it would happen but still flew down for some heckling and entertainment.

Some points:

Murphy: You guys think Yarran walks a lot? This bloke has not gone over 40% the entire night UNLESS running forward of the ball. Around packs is absolutely SCARED of his tagger, does not even attempt to go after the footy, just sits and waits.

Speaking of Waite... spent the entire night 30 metres in front of Hurley, you think he would have learnt after about 15 mins. Still trying to take hangers in defence.

Simmo - Now there is a captain.

Yarran, worked his tail off. Still ignored a lot.

Bell, i'm happy to keep this guys around, is a very slow decision maker, but boy does he work. Will be a Josh Kennedy (Sydney) type in a few years.

Graham, unlike McLean.. only runs one way. Got enough ball, but hardly anything important.

Team: Whats with the Harlem Globe Trotters sh*t we play between 40-50 metres out? Does anybody want to have a shot?

Team: Not a single player capable of putting a football out in front of the leading player between the defensive 50 and wing. Always sit up little contested chips. All the good teams hit that target.

Team: It's like watching a rock in a fast flowing stream when an opposition player, everybody goes streaming around/past him while he just stands there and/or waltzes off doing his own thing.

That is all.

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It he worst thing is this will be pumped up in the media as an inspiring victory against odds for those ****, instead of the pathetic performance by us.
You could see he was going to miss before he started his run up. Sweating, breathing heavily, awkward.

Strange that they're calling it an Essendon win. We lost it, they just happened to be the other team on the park.

Kicked 9.22 and had 38 more contested possessions and still lost :rolleyes:.
just watching geelong Sydney highlights
motlop stevie j selwwod skills galore
armfield casbolt gibbs yarran betts mcginnes robbo embarrassing
Disgraceful. I have thought for MANY years are recruitment and trading was well below par and unfortunately we have peaked. We need a massive list change but do not have the trade bait nor picks in a middling draft to get anywhere. I bought my first membership the year of our first spoon so my membership years have been painful - I do not plan to endure another fruitless rebuild.

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Thought yaz worked hard defensively and laid lots of tackles. He seems to have turned himself around somewhat.

But really what has happened to Murphy? He was one of the best players in the comp in 2011 and now is barely b grade. Would be happy to hand the captaincy over the Simmo next year.
Whats funny too is that we are very liekly to finish equal wins with Brisbane by the end of next week.
What a weak pathetic excuse for a football team, its time to get rid of the entire list and start over.

Quite clearly no one can get through to them, cfc stop recruiting arrogant talented players with their heads up their own arses and start picking some blokes that have to work hard to earn their place with a desire to win and
I had reservations when they announced the team tonight
No kruz, judd, jeffy, carrots,watto, walks and McLean in the first qtr. 2 much vfl puss, although Joseph and duigs were far from our worst.

Mick was right, inaccurate kicking will come back to bite us and it did.
Yarran, Eddie, army, Gibbs all guilty of missing piss easy set shots and shots on the run. All we do is bomb the footy, and when (once a qtr) we hit up a target I have to rewind my tv cause I don't believe my friggen eyes.

Robbo is back to his "4 cylinder" form. He is our barometer and he stunk it up.

Simmo is all god damn heart

Waite is not a key defender, put that cue back in the rack mick.

I'm not even angry, insane I know, i saw this coming, I told my bomber supporting mates in Friday.

Full credit to the Essendon players tonight. They held there nerve, take a leaf blues
Good riddance.

Don't need fans like this if you think the coach was too blame for poor kicking.
I don't think the coach is to blame for the poor kicking.

I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the clowns wearing our jumper who have absolutely no pride in their performance.

And if this is the gutless rubbish that the players think that the members and supporters deserve, then I will reconsider renewing my membership as well.

It's the only way to tell the coach, the club and the players that we deserve better.
Dude its his second ******* game, and his second quarter. He doesnt deserve the critism yet. Leave it to the senior players who should have ******* stepped up.

Its just an assessment of his game from tonight, not a roast. Put himself in good spots, but didn't run hard enough the other way and it hurt us tonight. I think if your selected for the team you are open to criticism, just like poor ol Bootsma.
The fact is we were never going to win it this year.....clean the rubbish out and start fresh next year.
Give the supporters some hope and let's see what next year brings.
This was a must win game 17 points up at 3/4 time and we still blow it.
Questions needs to be asked..
absolutely pathetic carlton put waite forward ffs malthouse henderson back are you ****ing serious. kade simpson you are an absolute legend and only positive for the game. robinson you are a broken brain yarran piss weak, duigan delist , casboult game on the line a deer in the headlights joseph delist mcinnes not good enough. murphy could hardly run. warnock trade, piss weak performance by a team scared to win shithouse coaching performance frm malthouse shithouse game plan fron five years ago.rant rant rant i am so sick of this team have gone from a running excitement machine into a boring bunch of hacks thanks malthouse you overpaid grumpy old negative prick **** this team not buying a membership next to watch this shit

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