Review Review Port v Richmond - Rd 18

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Club Legend
Nov 5, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I dont think Cotchin is better than Boak. Stack better than Rozee, Ellis better than Rockliff etc etc.
They are just really well coached and full of belief and confidence.

Finally, I know how Graham Cornes felt 5mins after the 1990 GF.

The wheel has turned.
We don't have a Rance, a Lynch, a Riewoldt, a Rioli and we sure as hell don't have a match winner like Dustin Martin.

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Club Legend
Jul 5, 2010
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
There was a lack of passion about today's performance. I've noticed it in other games but it struck me more today because against a real contender, we just didn't make it life or death. It just played out.
This current Port Adelaide has nothing in common with the past. How long would this current malaise of 5 years be allowed to run with John Cahill at the helm?


Jul 6, 2011
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Strike up the music, the band has begun, the Pennsylvania polka.

Ken Hinkley will destroy the young kids before we replace him. Butters told to reign in the bantz and Duursma to get a talking to about his goal celly.

Anyone who was at the game: was Xavier aiming at one of the lights, maybe as a fu** you to Hinkley for his comments last week?


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Mar 22, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Carolina Panther's
I knew that Duursma celebration would have an opposite effect on Port and fire up the Richmond players, so predictable!

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All Australian
May 31, 2004
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Port Adelaide
Richmond arent a good side.

Ellis, Prestia, Houli etc. These are good average footballers.

What they are is confident. Look at Lynch button-holing our captain, basically calling him a soft campaigner. He wasn't doing that at McGold Coast.

Dimma, for all his faults, has a pretty average side making a charge at their secind flag. We have Ken.
Martin cotchin lynch houli better than port counter points to start. We were outmanned


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 23, 2007
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Losing doesn't even hurt anymore, I have given up mentally until Hinkley is gone .

Lost all of my passion the last 3 years , dead inside
Best way to be saves a lot of frustration.
I closed up shop some weeks back and now find my weekends are much more pleasant.
Has nothing to do with winning or losing it’s the way this Ken Clown has dragged the club down to rock bottom.
I also think the board are just as much to blame and they should go with him.
Sadly that will take some time.

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