AFL Autopsy RND 6: Loss to the Pies

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Happy Tears Crying GIF by Norwalk Brew House

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Jul 29, 2008
Macquarie Point
AFL Club
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Bombers, SA Spurs, Browns and Eels
I want to enjoy this so badly, why has the Essendon of old beat me down so hard?
Please give me permission to enjoy this. I have this horrible, horrible feeling that we just throw it from here.
I don't want this feeling.
Sad Arrested Development GIF

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Club Legend
Jun 18, 2011
AFL Club
Hope this one hurts, cut the crap and get serious as a club, team selection unbelievable
I kind of feel like Ross Lyon last week. We lost but not by much and they were preliminary finalists last year. And their system is stronger. I wouldn't blame Menzie for that. He's played 8 games. Parish in defence was poor. Heppell too.

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