Review Round 16, 2019 - GWS vs. Brisbane Lions

Who were your five best players against GWS?

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Dec 19, 2013
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Brisbane Lions
Further to this, would it be fair to say that we would have less than half the amount of coaches Essendon has (pic taken from last week's game), noting the pic seems to have cut off a few from the right hand side and Worsfold was sitting on the bench (although Heppel is seated in the back row)?:

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Looks like a space shuttle launch!

Billy Bob65

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May 15, 2005
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Apologies in the delay in getting these up - here are the midfield frequency stats from the game. If you haven't seen a previous post, this is an overall summary of how often your players were lining up as one of the 5 mids at bounces.

Overall Summary - 29

Neale 28
Robinson 24 (23w, 1i)
J.Berry 20 (12i, 8w)
McCluggage 19 (12w, 7i)
Zorko 19 (12i, 7w)
J.Lyons 12
McCarthy 11
Bailey 8 wing
Rayner 2
Cameron 1
Christensen 1

Martin 27
McStay 2

Centre Clearances (per Champion Data/
McCarthy 4
Martin 2
Neale 1
Zorko 1
McCluggage 1
Robinson 1
Rich 1

1st Half - 15

Neale 14
J.Berry 13 (8i, 5w)
McCluggage 12 (9w, 3i)
Robinson 11 wing
Zorko 8 (1w)
J.Lyons 6
Bailey 4 wing
McCarthy 3
Rayner 2
Cameron 1
Christensen 1

Martin 14
McStay 1

2nd Half - 14

Neale 14
Robinson 13 (12w, 1i)
Zorko 11 (6w, 5i)
McCarthy 8
J.Berry 7 (4i, 3w)
McCluggage 7 (4i, 3w)
J.Lyons 6
Bailey 4 wing

Martin 13
McStay 1

- All of McCarthy's starts were in the final 3 terms

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Daniels Riches

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Oct 16, 2011
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Not a fan of Whateley any more, turned into a bit of a parody of himself, bit too full of his own importance for me.

I like Huddo, Nick Reiwoldt, Jimmy Bartel, Nick Dal Santo, Leigh Matthews and when he's not tripping over his own tongue I like Dermott Brereton's insights.
In terms of commentators, it’s Huddo >>>>>>>>>daylight for me. Non bias, has made some of the most iconic calls and gets you excited as a viewer. Also a fan of Tim Lane. On the other hand, it shocks me that BT can get so many players names wrong. Usually on multiple occasions most weeks. Always had a soft spot for him though, as he used to provide commentary during my high school swimming carnivals up in Kilmore.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 11, 2010
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Brisbane Lions
At the end when both teams are doing the usual, it looked like a Lions player was walking with the GWS players shaking hands with the Lions.

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