Review Round 6, 2021: Box Hill v Carlton, Sunday 23rd May @ 12:05pm, IKON Park

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Easy Slips Catch

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 10, 2006
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It's on 7 Plus. Go to the VFL button, under Sports.

Cegsyland was dominant. It just shows the chasm between AFL and VFL.

Morris shows genuine zip - every now and then. I can't understand why they give Nash a go on the ball and leave Morris, Saunders and Brockman loitering in the forwardline.

Downie hunted the footy well in the first quarter. Love his ability to pick up a ground ball at full tilt. He still does not seem to be moving freely.

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Jul 30, 2020
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I am wondering how box hill bullet passes are hitting targets but not happening at hawks :think:

Anyhow liked looks of Saunders for pressure and Morris for mark, would like to see them in afl.

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Bardo State

Brownlow Medallist
Nov 21, 2010
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Watching the replay, just going to take some notes by Q

- Brockman's hands in close can be a bit weak and loopy, has great instincts to get himself ahead of the contest to receive the ball in a good position, still gets rid of the ball too early because he doesn't know how to absorb a tackle, love his marking
- Jai plays like Worpel at this level but shows a little more on the spread, might not be able to explode at AFL level
- Pepper's skills are great, handballs and kicks to advantage, will be a player if he learns how to get more involved
- Saunders lots of zip, great kicks and composure, could be a great forward/wing if he gets an endurance base, BOG Q1
- Downie very involved with quality of kicking up and down (not getting in space) but hands are great
- Jeka just knows where to be and how to get a metre in the VFL
- Morris becoming very well rounded
- Hartley, O'Brien, Nash meh
- Ceglar and Brooksby beating up on a kid

- Nash had a few really positive plays with his explosive speed
- Brockman good 1%ers, tackles, taps, not too involved after the early minutes
- O'Brien dropped an easy mark but more positive than not, looked good in general play
- Downie had a LOVELY sprinting pickup and handball at full stretch, got himself in position to kick more
- Pepper kicked a brilliant 1v1 goal after a ball hit the deck from a quick Newcombe entry, can play taller than he is and bring it to ground
- Brooksby and Ceglar all over it
- Saunders not many touches but was quality, pressure created a couple of goals
- Morris great pressure and marking, my BOG for Q2 but I'm marking Ceglar harsh for having an easy opponent
- Jeka struggled to kick 50m, mis-judged a few contests, gave a good assist inside a crowded 50 after a mark at half forward

- Jeka is a great lead-up mark but I haven't seen him bring it down to good spots when he can't mark, will become important at AFL level, did have another good mark and inside 50 entry
- Downie looked more comfortable, getting some uncontested marks and good kicks
- Brockman can pickup and get boot to ball so quickly, he'll be even better when he realises he has more time
- O'Brien very tidy, liked his game at CHB
- Nash wins a htb for a goal but kicks it OOTF under no pressure in defense later, not much else
- Saunders quiet but stood to take a tough mark, got the 50 and a goal plus won another free 1v3 but missed from the boundary
- Rucks dominant again, will give Cegs BOG for the Q given no other Hawks stood out, others not mentioned were quiet with the Box Hill guys doing most of the damage

- Jeka several good marks and unselfish play, could have kicked 5+
- O'Brien again clean and good desicions, looked better than Hartley over the game
- Brockman got involved again with a high mark and goal, I wonder whether he'll get the fly/crumb balance right at AFL
- Nash was tried in the middle on the dominant Matt Kennedy, didn't show much
- 4th Q a bit of a write-off with players tired and stretched, not much else to write about

Box Hill guys: Adduci, Mynott, Greene, Masciti, Killa, Newcombe, Phillips, De Wit great all game, Beasley a bit shakey on Crocker early but steadied

Morris, Jeka, O'Brien, Ceglar all look like they could be ready to step up. I'd say Saunders and Brockman are close but might need to back their performances up. Downie and Pepper raw but promising while Hartley and Nash looked a bit flat. Brooksby is quite good depth at this level but can't imagine he's in danger of a call up.

For Carlton SPS is wasted in defense and will end up on the scrap heap if Carlton intend on keeping him there. Looks much better mid and fwd and would gladly take him in those roles.
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Sep 13, 2000
Melbourne cricket ground. Australia
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The seniors game v carlton had a huge amount of blocking, which was almost non existent in the VFL game.

maybe that’s why it was so much more watchable

maybe there’s a clue there but maybe not fixable with a rule change, seeing as blocking is supposed to be illegal anyway

Roger Rogerson

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 9, 2006
Malvern East
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The seniors game v carlton had a huge amount of blocking, which was almost non existent in the VFL game.

maybe that’s why it was so much more watchable

maybe there’s a clue there but maybe not fixable with a rule change, seeing as blocking is supposed to be illegal anyway
Jeka gets a clean run at it at VFL level on the lead. At AFL level much more closely checked and found it harder to lead. Still should be developing at AFL level.

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