Discussion Round 8, 2024: Photos and Discussion

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Oct 12, 2009
AFL Club
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Thursday, May 2
Adelaide Crows vs. Port AdelaideAdelaide Oval7:30pmSeven/Fox
Friday, May 3
Carlton vs. CollingwoodMCG7:40pmSeven/Fox
Saturday, May 4
Sydney Swans vs. GWS GiantsSCG1:45pmFox Footy
St Kilda vs. North MelbourneMarvel Stadium4:35pmFox Footy
Melbourne vs. Geelong CatsMCG7:30pmSeven/Fox
West Coast Eagles vs. EssendonOptus Stadium8:10pmFox Footy
Sunday, May 5
Richmond vs. FremantleMCG1:00pmFox Footy
Western Bulldogs vs. HawthornMarvel Stadium4:00pmFox Footy
Brisbane Lions vs. Gold Coast SunsGabba7:10pmFox Footy

Showdown will be a mess tonight, although not as messy as when Adelaide are the away team. It still beggars belief to me that the AFL ticks off Adel/Port as not clashing when they believe that WCE/Freo do clash (they do, but not as badly as Adel/Port). Or Bris/GC. Or Syd/GWS. All the other derby style match-ups have clash solutions implemented apart from this one.

Carlton v Collingwood will actually be watchable because Collingwood are the away team. The reverse fixture is genuine 'switch off your TV' stuff. I'm amazed that it doesn't get more of a run in the media given some of the inane shit that gets hyper-fixated on these days. It's so easily fixable. Anyway. We'll have to wait until the game actually comes around again, instead of being proactive. I digress.

Finally, I think Essendon would be better in all black opposing West Coast's all royal, but we know that'll never happen. I maintain that the 'no white shorts vs. red' rule should be maintained for royal blue as well; there really isn't too much difference on the clash/contrast spectrum. Interestingly enough we have started to see the reintroduction of white shorts vs. red in the last few years as teams like Brisbane and Gold Coast don't have other coloured shorts to go with their clash jumpers.

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Would hawks look better in all brown for this game? I can't tell if that would still work or if the dogs blue isn't too dark and the hawks brown is a bit lighter coloured it could look good however being under the roof might change that. A pair of yellow shorts could've worked with the hawks today instead of white
Blue is fine.

Maroon v Red would be horrible
Too much blue in the kits, I usually don't mind the QClash with Brisbane as home but tonight just felt like the Red with white or yellow shorts would've been so much better contrast. Something similar to Sydney v Brisbane in 2022
Both teams having yellow numbers is an issue too imo.
Yeah, although theres a few white number match ups that come to mind that doesn't contribute to a clash.
GC's blue bleeds into Brisbane's blue and maroon too much imo.
Red home/white would work better but not perfect ofc. If for instance Port & WCE is a pass then ^ that is fine for the QClash
Red vs Maroon is too much honestly.

I remember the old Brisbane vs Sydney games where they use to wear white shorts vs each other (instead of their clash jumpers) and honestly, it didn't work very well.

Gold Coast probably have the best set where they have a blue kit or red kit; perhaps they could switch to blue shorts for their clash jumper and it would probably look a bit better.

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