Sack Ross Lyon

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Oct 24, 2015
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He's not a new coach who was bought in for the rebuild , he drove the bus off the cliff in the first place
No he didn't. That was our **** trading and drafting more so than coaching. We've now at least rectified that problem by getting rid of those responsible and turning over most of our list in the past 3 seasons. Next step is getting rid of the S&C peeps given our poor player availability every single year - can't develop a list if they can't get on the park. And then later in the year if we aren't showing any signs on the field then Ross and the Assistants need to get the boot as well.

It's very possible we could have turned over the entire house by the end of this year, and if not, possibly sometime next year. I'd do S&C tomorrow if it were my decision. Nobody is going to scrutinise the coaches over JLT performances though. Stash the pitchforks for later, they'll still be sharp.


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Jul 2, 2013
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Pardon the intrusion.

I genuinely don't understand why you would want a man like Ross Lyon coaching your football club when the game style he peddles is nothing short of putrid. Ross Lyon's teams have always been the absolute worst in the AFL to watch without exception and he has shown little signs of changing. Nevermind that Ross has had Freo treading water in no-man's land for about three years, I simply can't see why you'd want to voluntarily condemn yourselves to supporting a coach who will with 100% certainty render your football team absolutely horrid to watch, regardless of what level of success he achieves with it.

Most non-St.Kilda/Freo fans realized long ago Ross Lyon is a football fraud and a blatant charlatan. To their credit, some Freo fans have also woken up to this while others tragically remain under his spell. It is absolutely no coincidence the two clubs Ross has preyed on have not won Premierships in the lifetimes of most of their supporters, as he is essentially a con-artist who feeds off the desperation of his victims and in St.Kilda & Freo found two perfect saps for his con.

Why even bother going to the trouble of recruiting Hogan & Lobb when Ross Lyon's shambolic & outdated gameplan will never get the best out of them? If you think Ross coached a team containing Riewoldt, Kozi & Milne that struggled to score but will magically reverse the constant trend of his entire coaching career and suddenly have Hogan kicking 70 goals a year then I really don't know what to tell you, other than to say you probably deserve to watch the miserable spectacles Ross is sure to provide you.
He is a one-trick pony who's only trick is to convince his players to outwork the opposition and play every game at finals intensity, something that can never be sustained over four full quarters or the entirety of an AFL season which is why his teams always play like crap in the finals, because they're outta juice by that stage while opposition's pressure ramps up in September, nullifying Lyon's one trick advantage. Nor for that matter does Ross still retain his pressure king title, a baton that has long since passed to Hardwick & Richmond.

Please do yourselves a massive favor and kick this stupendously overrated coach and ordinary human being to the curb where he belongs. Football will be infinitely better off without him, and you'll taste your first genuine breath of excitement for your team's prospect in years. You don't deserve to suffer under Ross Lyon and you don't have to.
In 2009 when Riewoldt (78 Goals), Koschitzke (48 Goals) and Milne (46 Goals) played almost all the games of the season together, they kicked 172 Goals between them.
St Kilda finished the season as minor premiers and lost the Grand Final against Geelong in the final minutes.
St Kilda kicked the 4th most total goals in that season and finished with the league's best percentage with 155.7.

But don't let facts ruin your narrative ... subjective hate goes much further in this thread.

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Jul 16, 2009
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He's not a new coach who was bought in for the rebuild , he drove the bus off the cliff in the first place

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That's a fair point, what would the fan reaction have been for Pavlich and McPharlin to have been told the that club had been strong into the finals but to avoid a dip after the window we will play less able younger players to try and cover the eventual drop off when the senior players retire?

My opinion is that they should twist every drip out of the towel when they have a chance at a flag.
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