Autopsy So so so close (Please read OP)

Is it time to move on and lock the thread?

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Mar 1, 2009
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I'm a shattered man after today's result but I am proud of the boys, who under adversity, gave their all for the whole year. The next few years look promising and I reckon we will get a premiership soon. It will happen. Mark my words. We are a good club and Bucks deserves to lift the cup up one day.

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Oct 18, 2009
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Just saw Bucks consoling the runner. So important that we don’t turn on our own, no one to a man and woman wanted to lose today and they gave it their all. Mistakes happen and we can’t forget that the opposition would have been the same. But there’s always going to be a loser unfortunately.

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Spot On. Was more then 1 Moment why we lost


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Mar 5, 2008
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So so so close to copying the Tigers to a T

just missed out on the whole point and actually winning a flag.

Chin up at least you have a perfect copy in Treloar and Buckley regarding premierships

One play cost you a flag when De Gooey chose not to go with McGovern and allow for an unimpeded intercept mark

De Gooey chose to hang back hoping for a cheapie

but he is known in the past to take the soft option when under the pump, woof woof came back to bite.

Another dumb *. See ya, dickhead.

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Dec 23, 2006
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I couldn’t work out the holding the ball against Grundy. He took a pack mark and the ump called play on.
That call was ridiculous. Later when Mihocek conceded the 50 the West Coast player was moving with momentum in exactly the same fashion as Grundy and the umpire never bloody called it.


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Mar 13, 2012
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Video games are a team aren't they?
But seriously I will go through reports now

Hit that report button.


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Jul 22, 2011
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So why not find a new team after the 23th or 24th loss to save yourself some grief rather stay here to moan and whinge.
Off you go then - you certainly will not be missed.
Why don't you piss off - you're the type of loser that pats people on the back for finishing 2nd.

Keep slapping the players on the back for a good game, a good year and finishing 2nd.

We lost, full stop! Cannot be happy with that.

Dermie talked about the loser mentality of Collingwood people when he joined us - said we were too happy to congratulate players for poor performances....they detested finishing 2nd and they're success spoke volumes for their mentality.

Continue being a loser - you're good at it.


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Sep 18, 2003
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Commiserations to all The Collingwood Faithful.

Thank you for a ripper contest your players did your Mighty Club proud.

The merit of any victory is measured by the quality of the opposition that you beat.

Kudos to all associated with the Club for a mighty effort, like us , you overcame a season of adversity that stretched and challenged you.

The manner in which you overcame the adversity and toiled on is to be applauded.

All the best for next season and from the outside looking in I believe you have a lot to look forward to .

Great season and what a terrific Club you are.

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