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SC fish

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 5, 2014
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My SuperCoach team
Hello Freo fans. If anyone is interested I'm setting up a series of SuperCoach leagues based on promotion/relegation each season. 18 teams per league and the top four go up and the bottom four go down at the end of each season, much like the English Football Leagues.
Four leagues are now full and I've set up a fifth: BFA League 5 - if you want to join the league code is 258657.

If you join up please let me know your team name so I can track who is who. Cheers

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 30, 2009
AFL Club
Good luck mate, my team has shat the bed lately, blown out from 190 overall to outside the top 1000
26 points total difference over the season. It'll come down to the wire. With Doch and Gov to get rid off, I'll be looking for some cheap backs.

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