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On behalf of the FJGD community, welcome to The Template and Resource Thread.

This thread will outline the most popular templates used by users on this board, ordered by program, with downloadable links. Known tutorials will also be listed for each program.

Over time, as new templates and tutorials are developed and created by the community on this board, this thread will be updated. That said, this thread is intended to be 'barebones' - only the very best and most popular things will be in here, not everything.

I highly recommend taking a look at this thread on improving execution - the small things you can do to your design to make it look 100% more professional. See this thread to contribute, to ask questions or for general template discussion. For feedback on your own templates, ask in this thread.

For archival purposes, I'll link the previous 'Universal Template Thread' here. Unfortunately, it has become outdated. It is full of dead links and it is ordered in a chronological order which means it isn't intuitive to use. However, it does contain many other templates and various useful images, so it does have some value.

Anyway, I'm rambling, so without any further ado.
Photoshop / Raster Templates

While Photoshop was originally intended for alteration of 3D photos, it can handle the creation of footy jumpers quite well and it is, perhaps, the most popular program amongst users on this board. Here are the best and most popular Adobe Photoshop templates.

El_Scorcho’s Football Template for Photoshop


CaNNaVo93’s 2015 AFL Jumper Collars (ties in with El_Scorcho’s Template)


Magpienato's Photoshop Template

Nato Template.png

Stewart2Austin's Photoshop Template


Available BigFooty tutorials for Photoshop include this general tutorial from 2009 (slightly out-dated) and how to create a clipping mask.
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Illustrator / Vector Templates

Adobe Illustrator is a program that was designed specifically for 2D graphic design, and so it is the perfect program to create football jumpers. I highly recommend it. If you do choose this program, which I suggest you do, I recommend you familiarise yourself with the 'Pen Tool'. It's a brilliant tool and there are a multitude of video tutorials available on YouTube.

Various AI templates created by Mero (owner of based off carls12 templates

BLK: Illustrator file or SVG file
Adidas: Illustrator file or SVG file
Nike: Illustrator file or SVG file

Bacon Warriors' template
BW's Ultimate Template.png

demon_spud's template

Dylan8's AI template

OR make your own template, with huge thanks to Greater Gattsby who created this thread: How to create a football kit template in illustrator tutorial who wound up making this template, with a step-by-step process

Other BigFooty tutorials about Illustrator include Mero's Illustrator Tutorial
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Hey guys, I've touched up my template and released it here for anyone who wants to use it.

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